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Bare Rose Nite MEC3

Its time to look Lolita like a doll and you should try out the Bare Rose Nite MEC3 which is a combo Dollie outfit in Blue and Black, just like Jazz. Well, MEC3 probably stands for Mesh Edition C3 and you can bet that there is C1 and C2 too in different variation if you look at enough at the Bare Rose Store.

Even on a sunny day, it is perfectly ok to look Black and Blue, although it feels a little moody, but it is all so dollie and cute even when Mr Unicorn and family try to cheer Kitty up. But there is no doubt Kitty is the star of the photo given her outstanding color in Nite. Who says you cannot look cool and be emo at the same time?

The Nite MEC3 is not only detail, but it is almost dreamy and it goes perfectly well with any fairy tale settings such as this one. Also this proves that despite the name Nite, you can perfectly wear this and look great in the sun! :)

OK, it is not the best outfit for hide and seek, as least not as good as Mr Pig here, but the Blue and Black tone is outstanding and it is eye catching and stunning even when Kitty is in a sea of flowers. Who is the most beautiful flower of them all, it is Kitty of course! No? (Pulling out huge blown-up hammer...)

Grab this fantastic Lolita outfit at Bare Rose :

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