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Bare Rose Nite MEC3

Its time to look Lolita like a doll and you should try out the Bare Rose Nite MEC3 which is a combo Dollie outfit in Blue and Black, just like Jazz. Well, MEC3 probably stands for Mesh Edition C3 and you can bet that there is C1 and C2 too in different variation if you look at enough at the Bare Rose Store.

Even on a sunny day, it is perfectly ok to look Black and Blue, although it feels a little moody, but it is all so dollie and cute even when Mr Unicorn and family try to cheer Kitty up. But there is no doubt Kitty is the star of the photo given her outstanding color in Nite. Who says you cannot look cool and be emo at the same time?

The Nite MEC3 is not only detail, but it is almost dreamy and it goes perfectly well with any fairy tale settings such as this one. Also this proves that despite the name Nite, you can perfectly wear this and look great in the sun! :)

OK, it is not the best outfit for hide and seek, as least not as good as Mr Pig here, but the Blue and Black tone is outstanding and it is eye catching and stunning even when Kitty is in a sea of flowers. Who is the most beautiful flower of them all, it is Kitty of course! No? (Pulling out huge blown-up hammer...)

Grab this fantastic Lolita outfit at Bare Rose :

Brii Judite

Brii Underground Wear has a new Steampunk release name Judite and it comes with Black and Brown. Since Kitty has been doing all the Black and Red so often, maybe today Kitty will do the Brown for you!

The complete outfit comes with lots of accessories including a cute top hat with laces and a clock on it, a pair of dizzing dashing goggles, bracelets, choker with clock as well as a pair of nice shoe with it. Kitty looks kind of nerdy in it though, but isn't that the point?

Despite the tight and fit look, the outfit is actually quite comfortable and you can see Kitty relaxing in it. You will notice that there is a nice stocking with it too and Kitty had used the Slink applier on the gloves and stockings on her mesh body. Its always a pleasure to look good in nice clothes.

Here you can have a better look at the nice pair of brown little shoes with cute laces and butterfly ribbons. Just the shoe alone is worth getting this outfit for.

Still not convinced enough to take out your purse, you need to see the Judite up close and you will notice how detail and fine the texture are. Do not forget this outfit is also on offer now at $198L instead of $298L at the huge signboard beside the lucky chairs, so what are you waiting for?

Get Judite and check out the Black version too at Brii Main Store:


Bare Rose Vampire Armor Lady

The Vampire Armor Lady is a new black outfit from Bare Rose that is not only cool, but highly detailed because of the material enabled mesh.

The first thing you will notice is that there is a huge sword that comes with this outfit and it is shiny, white polished and very sharp. So do take note of where you swing that.

The outfit consists of many pieces which you can try put on and off to get something you like. There is even a nice cloak that swings and flies in the wind. Look at how it flies when Kitty is running.

Take a close look at the armor up close and you can see how detail it is. For just L$190 I would say you probably cannot get another armor with such fine texture. Vampire? Of course, come let the red-eyed Kitty give you a kiss... on your neck.

Take off the cloak and relax by the crouch. Don't mind my shoes, but there are really clean and shiny. Do not be shy, come closer, sit by my side and take a closer look. Unless you are already teleporting to Bare Rose to get this armor!

Get it before everyone else, this nice armor of April at Bare Rose:


Petit Chat Opal Jewellery

The Opal Jewellery is a set of Bracelets and Necklace which are material enabled. The Bracelet is available separately as Left and Right and that allow you to mix and match different colors if you have more or simple to just have one put on. 

This set of jewellery is totally water proof and to show you Kitty thought, why not do all the photo in her bath tub? And here is it, the first color Red. Doesn't it looks perfect with Kitty's headband and bikini? 

There is 2 different shades of Pink in this series and Kitty had put them on. One of them is obviously lighter and thus named Light Pink. Can you tell which is the Light Pink? This color is a must get. Who doesn't love Pink?

Similar to Pink, there are 2 shades of Green as well and they come in Green and Light Green too. They look good, but perhaps not with red, instead with other color outfit. But you must agree that the green truly stands out almost like it is jade or some very precious stone. 

And lastly, how about a set of Blue to go with the clear water? They do look like some blueish butterflies standing on Kitty while she droves off on her tub don't they?

Well, you can have your own set or even sets at Petit Chat Main Store today:

Bare Rose Harlein C2

The Harlein C2 from Bare Rose offer you even more variety of colors from the previous post Kitty had shown you :

The Harlein C2 comes in 2 colors - Pink and Blue. What you are seeing now is the Blue version which is bright and checkered with black and white, it is a perfect outfit for the mysterious party. 

And here is a close up of the friendly Harlein Blue. It is bound to cheer anybody up and that is exactly what a jester would do. Well, even the little reindeer is crowding around Kitty because she has a good aura of happiness wearing the Harlein C2 from Bare Rose. 

As a stand up dress, the Harlein C2 is deep in details and the texture is very stunning not only because it is mesh, but it is material enabled as well. See how elegant and detail the whole outfit is from head to toe. Even the eye mask and jester cap is of high detail quality.

If the Pink is what you are looking forward to, then here it is in the same package at no extra cost. There are 5 pieces of the outfit that can be changed for the Blue / Pink combinations. Well the Pink is definitely cute, but if you prefer, you can always mix some Blue with Pink and maybe that might even level up your jester effect!

Being a good fitted outfit with alpha, it allows you to go into any position without much issues with broken prims and overlapping. See how easily it looks just right and nice even when Kitty is standing, sitting or just leaning onto the rocks. Don't you want to look as good as Kitty now?

Grab the Harlein C2 from Brii Main Store today and remember, you get BOTH colors:


Bare Rose Quickblack

The Quickblack is a leather fantasy outfit from Bare Rose and it comes with the Full Black and the Red Trim version which give you slight variation if plain Black is not your style.

The first time you will notice about this outfit is the huge buns on the hair which is perfect if you have twin tails to go with it, but of course it would go well with most long hair anyway. And if you have watch a certain movie, it does looks similar to the black outfit especially with a bow and quiver (not included and sold separately).  

The leather outfit is short on the skirt giving you plenty of room for some work out running and shooting and it definitely look sexy on the legs. The top has a deep V cut which is also meant for catching some attention.

Together in the outfit is a pair of cute little black shoes and a nice neck ribbon choker which fits perfectly. So it gives a little sense of playfulness and cute kawaii power instead of being all too sexy.

You will notice in good light, not just the leather overcoat shines, but even the buns and ribbons on the hair. This is definitely the excuse ot have your hair tied up.

And here is a back view of the Quickblack with the nice tuxedo black flaps as well as nice lacey shoes. It is amazing how simple this outfit is, consisting of so little simple parts (and perhaps thus Quickblack) and it can look so good. 

It would not be a complete showcase if Kitty did not show you the cute little pair of shoes with the nice dark tone short socks included. The good thing about Bare Rose is that usually most outfit would fit even the most basic of feet with alpha and only specific version would require a special mesh feet,

Enticed? Come get this cute and sexy outfit at Bare Rose:

Petit Chat Sativa

The Sativa is a pair of new heels from Petit Chat and it comes in 6 fantastic selected palette of colors including Almond/Grass, Brown/Pink, Cream/Red, Grass/Almond, Pink/Brown, Red/Cream. 

The Slink High feet is required, but you will notice this is exactly the reason why you would buy Slink. For great shoes like these. The Red/Cream is a good combination because it combines the plain white with the passionate red to give you a simple yet sophisticated pair of heels for just any occasion.

Kitty is just being playful here. Because you will get a pair of rigged and a pair of non-rigged shoes in the purchase, you actually can mix and match the Sativa with different combination like this Grass/Almond with Pink/Brown. Well, this is the new fashion and nobody says you have to wear a pair of exactly same shoes. Variety is the new trend!

The Cream/Red is exactly the opposite parts for Red/Cream, but it still give you the outstanding contrast and notice sometimes below the sole of the heels? Yes, real Petit Chat printed logo. Make sure you check for this because this means your heels are the real deal and not some knock off look-a-like. 

Ever wondered how 2 colors like Brown and Pink would look together, well Petit Chat had done it for you and in the Brown/Pink Sativa, you will see that even putting 2 dull colors can still shine very well because of the nice wood and hemp material on the shoe.

Green is the main theme in the Almond/Grass Sativa and it blends well with the grass and green theme, which is the perfect theme for this Spring. Kitty is already feeling extra refresh and lively today!

Find the Sativa Heels at Petit Chat Main Store:

Brii Julia Blue

Julia is a sexy looking rock style top and pants with a complete set of accessories including bracelets, chain belt and heels to go with it. Kitty has chosen to show you the Blue version of this outfit.

The shiny little starks and strings on the pants is one of the catchy feature of this outfir along with  all the glittering jewelery. Even when seated, there is no less of the attraction while it comfortable material help you spend your day.

The top is a sexy piece with laces straps it looks almost like an inner wear except it isn't and it is definitely cooling with lots of opportunity for some sun.

Come check out the sexy Julia Blue or maybe even other colors at Brii Underground Wear:


Brii Juliana Jean

The Juliana is a cowgirl style and comes so all the accessories you will need to look rough and be a perfect cowgirl! Today Kitty is going to show you the Jean version of this outfit.

One of the best thing about this dress is that it comes with a perfect hat which can be resized and adjusted to almost any hairstyle you have. The light jean color of the outfit covered just enough to protect you from the rough terrain of the wild west. but who says you can't be fashionable while being a cowgirl.

Unlike most other cowgirl outfit you will see is that there are lots of jewelery accessories included with Juliana so you do not miss out on looking pretty even when you are making coffee in the campsite. Come ride with Kitty sometimes, but remember to grab your Juliana outfit (and alaos available in a few other colors) from Brii Main Store:


Brii Itauna

If you love the Boho style from Brii Underground Wear, as well as lots of accessories, then you will love this Itauna which comes with a dress bow, bracelets, earrings, headband, ring, cool blue sunglasses as well as a pair of Slink Flat shoe! Yes, it is rare to see a flat show for Slink so if you want this, make sure you hurry as the Spring hunt will end on 15 Apr:

Kitty is in the full outfit except the shoes because apparently, although it says its for Mid Slink, it is for Flat. But otherwise, the shades is cool, the dress is cosy and what more it is the best thing to be in when relaxing in front of the TV in Spring.

But it certainly doesnt mean the dress doesnt look good in the sun as Kitty has shown you here. In the sun, it is light and living, the almost white blends well with Kitty's light skin tone making it almost looks like its transparent! And very sexy too with all the nice purple patterns.

Find this at the Hunt at Brii Main Store:

Brii Ismeria

The Ismeria is a simple yet colorful prize from the Brii Spring Hunt:

The Ismeria is a simple dress with just a pair of earrings and shoes. However, the dark purple textures with flowery waves of magenta is not just another dress. This has to be one of your better dress! 

And here is a close up of the large ring earrings. You can also see how detail the texture of the leves and petals are on the dress. It does look really good in the Spring Sun!

Go grab this before the hunt ends on 15th:


Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.