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Bare Rose Simple Treasure Hunt - Easter 2016

The 4 words that comes in mind when you talk about Easter are... Bunny, Eggs, Colorful and Happiness. And you can find all of that at Bare Rose's Simple Treasure Hunt now. Simple? Definitely. All you need to do is to locate the 3 items on the 3 sims which Bare Rose are hosted on. 

Who's this cute look bunny? OMG, it's Kitty in disguise! The prize of the hunt is not just a complete outfit, but a complete avatar!  In addition, you also get the Head, Top and Bottom in 2 different colors.  

Kitty did says "colorful" right? Here is another mix and match of the prize with purple Head and Top. Once in a while, it is rather fun posing as a bunny. Don't you think so?

And someone took a photo of the back of the outfit with Kitty's cute white, fluffy and soft bunny tail. Yes, you will have the same exact one, provided you can find all the 3 eggs. Just right click on them and buy them for... $0L! 

Here are the Hints:

Black Cat SIM
-Around North of the SIM, you can find it around Runway.

Bare Rose SIM
-Around Center of the SIM, you can find it around road.

White Wolf SIM
-Around North West of the SIM, you can find it around Small House.

But to be sure, make sure you grab the latest notecard from Bare Rose Main Store:

Bare Rose Diane

Diane is a new release for March from Bare Rose and it is a nice dress that comes in 3 different colors with a matching hat and it is all mesh and material enabled.

Kitty has chosen a very enchanted place to photograph for this outfit because it just seems to fit so well. Look at the Green version of the Diane on Kitty while she is on the swing, playing happily. The silky folds and nice green tones simply just blend into the whole atmosphere. 

And here is a close up of the match Hat (Do not worry, it is pinned to your hair, so you can move at any angle and it will not fall off). Also notice the shinny high heels which comes with this outfit. IT almost make you grow taller by a few inches.

Similar to the Green version, the Brown version also blends well into the enchanted forest. But because it will always be accompanied by a nice white top with buttons, it will also not be dulled out into the background. 

1..2..3..4. There are 4 folds on the dress and that must had made the creators put in a lot of effort to make it looks nice. And indeed it is. This is almost like the dress every little girl would dream of. The legs are also covered by a dark stockings so that will ensure you do not over tan under the sun.

The last color is Wine and it is a nice shade that seems to be made up of brown and purple but with lots of lively energy put into it. Notice how the little flower on the hat and the cute black gloves adds that little final touch to the outfit to make it looks just perfect, whether it is for a formal dinner or just a walk in the country side.

Ever worried about your wasit? Well, this dress has just the right alpha and it keep it tight and firm so that you looks like an hour glass all the time. And still is able to enjoy your dinner in it. And under the right light, looks at how those shoes shines and sparks with a mysterious glow.

Yes, you actually will get ALL 3 colors in the same purchase from Bare Rose Main Store:

P.S. There is also a flatter version of Diane so you can check that out if you sizes is smaller.


Brii Irenia Pink

The Irenia from Brii Underground Wear comes in a flashy Pink version and Kitty knew she has to try it out... at the beach! Because it also comes with a cool sunglasses and it is one of the best outfit to be in sun tanning!

There is not better outfit to be in than the Irenia so add this nice outfit to get ready for your summer wardrobe. Because it is bright pink and fully mesh, it would definitely stands out and it is time to enjoy the fun in the sun! This stylish outfit can be used as a beach ware and swim suit (according to Kitty) and the stylish suit will look lovely with its gorgeous color and fun accessories, including nice necklace and bracelets in pink too and a pair of pink sunglasses to protect your eye from the sun!

Because summer will soon be coming, it would be a good idea to get ready to feel comfy and cool in the warm months and even if you are not getting wet, it would still be a good idea to wear something fun and bright like Irenia. The best thing about this is that it is waterproof too! So drops all your worry and enjoy some fun pool time in style and in pink!

Get the Irenia Pink and get in style today at Brii Main Store:

Brii Itapema Black

The Itapema is a new outfit from Brii Underground Wear that is a Loisirs style long dress with many silvery blinks. Kitty is trying out the Black version today.

The most prominent things you will realized about this outfit is how the shiny bracelets, dress collar decorations. They would shiny even in the dark. And black is such a easy color to match anything that it should not be hard to make yourself look good in.

There is also a nice chain belts and as most other outfit from Brii Underground Wear, there is a pair of shoe for the Slink High feet. And who can say no to a pair of little black shoes! For those with mesh body, you will be thrill to find that this works for both Slink, Belleza and Maitreya bodies too!

Comes grab Itapema Black at Brii Main store and check out the other color too:


Brii Inocencia Blue

There are 3 version of the Inocencia from Brii Underground Wear and Kitty has chosen the Blue version which is a Boho style flowery cheerful long skirt to be in especially on a sunny day!

 The top is mesh and comes with 5 sizes and there are lots of accessories that comes with this complete outfit include necklace, earrings, bracelets as well as a pair of scandal for the Slink Flat feet, which is not so common. so if you want to collect a good shoe for Slink Flat, this is the chance! And Kitty is happily going to a cruise in this! What? The Ship? OMG, it is Titanic!

The Blue Inocencia is perfect for this cruise because even its color matches the sea water perfectly. There is also a pair of nice sunglasses that can protect you from the heat and brightness at the open sea. Can you feel the wind blow against the soft skirt? Well you should, when you are wearing one!

Get this fabulous skirt at Brii Main Store:


Brii Imelda Burgundy

The Imelda comes is a steampunk style outfit which is both sexy and full of steampunk gadgets. It comes in Black and Burgundy and today Kitty is going to try out Burgundy for you.

Brii Underground wear had always been known for nice sexy outfit and they did the same for this steampunk outfit which has a large openings in the top dress front and back for good air ventilation and you get to show your tan really. The outfit is complete with hat, necklaces and other accessories so you can look Steampunk instantly.

As mentioned the back has a nice hole right above the waist and the outfit is complimented with a pair of leather high boots so it would not be an issue even in wet sims. 

There are gloves and stockings to cover all part of your tender skin on your hands and feet and it comes with Slink and Omega appliers for your mesh body so it would fit perfectly.

And here is a close up of the eye patch, necklaces and earrings. The accessories fits perfectly into the theme and can be used even if you are not wearing the Imelda outfit.

The Imelda is a new release from Brii Underground Wear, so grab it while its hot:


Bare Rose Harlein

The Harlein is a new outfit from Bare Rose that comes in 2 colors - Red and Green. This is a very unique outfit and it is very similar to those worn by court Jesters or Masquerade parties. Kitty will show you how grand it is.

The Red outfit is a magnificent piece of work as you can see the details of the various pieces from the eye mask all the way to the spread socks and round dress.

And here is a view of the Green from the back which you can see how the layers of clothes interlaces from top to the lower layers. The mesh also means it will take up less scripts and it is a simple outfit to put on those mysterious night of dances.

A close up of the outfit to show you all the details on the checked dress and the various patterns what reminds you of the 4 suits in the cards. Kitty love the little white fluffy balls at the tips of the hair because it really makes anyone who wears it looks cute.

The shoes and socks in close look is smooth and feels very comfortable right? Well it is and there is always a good time to put on a fun outfit like this be it for role play or simple just a get together. Nobody says it has to be dull.

Get your very own Harlein today at Bare Rose:


Kiyomizu Spring Treasure Hunting 2016

The ninja cats had strike again! Find all of them in the Kiyomizu Spring Treasure Hunting 2016. There are currently reported 78 cats but Kitty found only 76 of them.

  • #25 - Only one cat was found instead of 2.
  • #55 - The location seems to be closed or not ready
In any case, you should start soon if you have the time as the number of cats usually become less as they escaped. :)

Start your hunt today and enjoy all the Japanese gifts too:

If you need help on how to go about hunting:

As a bonus, do look out for interesting gacha and store with free gifts too... These are some interesting places Kitty found:

It's some fast food restaurant...

Gifts and lucky boards! 

Brii Iaci Red

The Iaci comes in a few colors and it is one of the newer outfit in Loisirs style from Brii Underground Wear. Kitty will do show you the Red one today.

If the forecast is great and there is some sun, it seems to be the right time to put on the Iaci Red version because it is not only hot because is it red, it is sexy too! The outfit comes with a set of jewelery including necklace, earrings and bracelets.

And if you are not convinced it is sexy, here is another picture to proof it. Kitty is hotter than the fire. The sunglasses is really cool and helpful too in the bright sun. For those who love huge earrings, you will definitely love this too! Can you see the gold blings?

But how can I miss out the shoes? The little red shoe is so cute and complex, with straps of red and silvery buckets, this is definitely one of the better red shoe you will find. And you also can show off your nice nail polish too!

Get this new outfit or in another color at Brii Main Store:


Brii Ilana Blue

The Ilana Blue is a lacey mesh corset with a simple set of accessories, but it is truly stunning especially under the right light! The Burlesque style dress comes with a cute cap with veil, a necklace and a pair of stocking with boots. 

This is simply beautiful under the sun right? And because it is blue, it stands out easily among all other things. So do not expect to hide in the crowd when you are on such a flawless outfit dying for attention.

The Ilana is great with fitting and comes with different sizes so you should never have issues with that. See how comfortable it is even when seated down?

The great news is that this is a prize in the Brii Burlesque Hunt:

Start looking for it in the Brii Main Store:

Petit Chat Smoldering Dress

The Smoldering Dress is a new dress from Petit Chat that comes in one main color and another at the little waver tip of the dress. And all of which is selected with good taste. Since this is not such a formal dress, Kitty is going to show you how she is wearing it at home.

The Red Smoldering Dress is a bright and cheerful color and it seems to be the best choice for your vitamin D fix in the sun! Well if you are going to spend some time under the sun, why not do it in style or simply be lazy like Kitty. Do not be like Kitty! :) 

The Pink Smoldering Dress is a good mix of a light Pink together with the Black dress flips. Kitty do not even need to show you the front to tell you how nice it looks while being informal. This is the back view of the dress and I would say it kind of look sexy though.

The Green Smoldering Dress feels afresh and energetic and you should consider this especially if you are a fan of the natural greens. Kitty like it in the senses that it is not fully green, but a mix of some other refreshing color for a good blend. That sound a little like coffee though, but is coffee so different from fashion?

Because of the material, you can see how smooth it feels on Kitty and the way it reflects light so realistically. This is especially obvious on the Cream Smoldering because it has a light color that takes in a lot of light. There are also a great selections of sizes so you can decide how loosely fitted or tightly fitted you want to be.

The Blue Smoldering Dress can be worn almost any time and even at evening gazing stars with giraffes. Oh well, maybe not everyday, but it still feel comfortable provided it is not too windy or cold. Anyway, summer is coming.

And finally there is the Black Smoldering Dress. It looks perfectly flawless and it is definitely easy to slips in too, with or without mesh body, because the dress is mesh too! The Black dress is combined with the Red lining straps and flips it is definitely a good combination of colors and moods! 

Get the Smoldering Dress in any color at Petit Chat Main Store:


Petit Chat Rita Heels

Petit Chat has something different this month and it is a pair of heels for the Slink High Feet which comes in 7 colors and it is mesh and material enabled.

The 7 colors are Brown, Black, Red, Purple, Pink, Teal and Green and Kitty will show you each of them in each picture. Notice there is a cute logo under the base of the shoes? Well not everyone pay that type of attention, but if you do, you can appreciate it. This first one is the Teal Rita.

Oh yes, Kitty love this Red Rita. Not only because its easy to match with your clothes, also because it is one of Kitty's favorite color!

The Purple Rita is great for darker colors and notice how the Rita shoes totally give you the chance to show off your beautiful Slink feet as well as nail polish.

The pink feel young and cheerful and should be the choice heels for most occasions! The Rita also comes with a nice heel pad that firmly give support for your heel and Kitty believe it would prevent heel cracks too.

Kitty wanted to skip Green, but it is not fair, so she tried it and it seems pretty ok. Not too green like the grass patch but yet with a little taste of blue it feels like a good color to match some clothes in gray or white.

The Brown Rita is anything but dull. Because it is material enabled, enjoy the light reflection in the right environment. Ahem... The shoe is on my feet... Where are your eyes looking?

And it will never be complete without the Black Rita which is also Kitty's favorite. It fits also any clothes and it is always handy to fit because there is only 2 pieces to put on if you are using the rigged edition and 3 if you are not. Simple and fast for those Slink days.

Get the Rita Heels at Petit Chat Main Store:


Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.