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Brii Isis

Isis is a outfit from Brii Underground Wear which features a top corset, a capri layer as well as a pair of shoes in matching black for the Slink High Feet.

The black corset is pretty sexy as it put forward the best of your figure and when paired with a pair of overlay, it does not make it too overly formal. There are also omega appliers to support your mesh body as well.

A front view will show you the detail of the knitted little pearl bits on the corset as well as on the side of the capri layer. It gives the plain black color outfit some variation and glitters when under the right light as well.

The Isis Urban Style outfit id available for a limited time as a free gift in Brii Main Store:


Petit Chat Heart Rings Jewelery

The Heart Rings Jewelery is a set of Necklace, Earrings and Bracelets from Petit Chat and it comes in 5 colors - Teal, Red, Pink, Cream and Black. Kitty has figured that since there is left and right for both the bracelets and earrings, you can practically wear all five different colors at the same time if you so wish too. But of course, since photography is going to be only 2D, you will likely only see 3 of them at anytime here. Kitty just has to take more then.

Here is a overall view of the 3 items in this collection. Can you guess which colors are those? Well the nice bracelet is in Teal, the necklace is obviously Pink and finally the earrings is red. Got all of them right? At least that proves you are 100% not color blind and do not need to test those test starring at weird colors with strange pattern in them. Well, Kitty is just joking. Color blind is a serious thing. You need to go see a doctor if you suspect you are color blind. 

One of Kitty's favorite is the Black pearl necklace. And also Kitty heard that Black Pearls are actually very expensive too. But never the less, it is a good match for the Cream bracelets which is almost white as the snow in the background. A simple earring in Teal is going to be fun anyday. 

And here is a close up of the heart binding ring on the collection. You can clearly see them on all 3 pieces and you will also notice Red and Pink looks pretty good together or even on its own. The Cream earrings are also perfectly fitting for balls and dances, especially with dark hair like Kitty.

This was originally for the EVA event, but since its over, you can get it at the Petit Chat store:


Brii Orfila

The Orfila is a carnival queen themed outfit from Brii Underground Wear that is really breathe taking and is definitely the attention queen anytime. Just look at the large and huge "fans" accessories on the back and you will almost feel like this is a zebra trying to fan its way as a peacock. And this is not a bad thing at all!

The front is really hot and sexy as there is only beads covering your nice body just at the right places so this is definitely a good time to show off your mesh. The high boots are and matching panties are in black, perfect for the outfit.

Just like a peacock, the attraction is on its back. So is this and the back view is definitely something to take a good look at. It is a great view of the sexy panties which is barely covering the ass and all the supporting for the black and white fins. You will see all the nice details here. Just be careful not to get too close as Kitty might kick you with the high boots!

Here is another good view when sitting down, so that you can have a good view of the smooth leather boots as well as the queenly tiara, Now you can kiss Kitty's boots if you like. :)

Be a queen like Kitty and get the Orfila from Brii Main Store:

Brii Ivana Sea

A cool and chilling outfit name Ivana from Brii Underground Wear had been release and it has all the green and blues in the Sea Version making it a perfect outfit to be chilling in.

There are quite a few accessories that comes with the outfit including the hearts necklace, earrings and even a lips piercing and a navel piercing. All in fantastic green and blue to go with the slight purple on the outfit itself.

There are also a pair of bracelets that fits nicely with the babydoll top and sexy little panties. Why don't you come over and relax with Kitty on the sofa? Are you too shy?

Last but not least there is also a part of Heels for the Slink High to make this outfit complete. Now you can go anywhere you want with a pair of heels and totally dressed to kill.

Come grab this fantastic outfit at Brii Main Store :


Brii Ira White

The Ira is a Risque style outfit release for Valentine this month and it is a sexy lingerie which looks good both on bed and anywhere else if you are in the mood. Kitty has choose to review the White version.

Its a simple Babydoll top with panties but with lots of laces all over. The Long gloves and high stockings is weaved with nice hearts and stars patterns and it being white is just making it feel so pure and pretty.

The outfit looks not just in the bright light like in the first photo, in fact, it looks pretty good in the dim light too as demonstrated here. In the dim light the nice stars on the stocks simple stands out. So no worries the outfit would go unappreciated. 

At at the stockings to admire the nice hearts as well as the sexy babydoll top which is made of laces of roses. Its semi-transparent look is definitely the best seduction tool you can find in the romantic February.

Ira comes in Black and Red as well,so check them out too at the Brii Main Store:

Brii Ionice Blue

The Ionice is a new outfit from Brii Underground which is so totally hot that Kitty has to do a cooler color like Blue. It consist of a simple babydoll mesh top, a sexy almost non-existence panties, a pair of earrings and necklaces to match the outfit. As usually there will be Slink and Omega gloves and shoes. This is a perfect match for mesh lovers.

This is a close up of the nice silky outfit and you can clearly see how the necklace get the attentions as is hangs proudly from the neck. The nice shoe is high, sexy and fits perfectly to the Slink High Feet. A girl can never have too many shoes!

Beside showing you the yellow base of the heels, Kitty is also showing you how sexy the butts and the back look with the Ionice. And the stocking just perfect that! 

Have you notice that there is a pair of gloves with Lacey patterns on it, complemented with a finger ring to hold the gloves in place. And lastly, let's not forget the little panties which is quite small to forget, but definitely very sexy and suitable for the right occasion.

This is a Valentine creation and comes in 3 colors, Tan and Black being the other 2 colors which you can check it out at Brii Main Store:


Prim Possible Corner Sofa

Today Kitty is going to show you another nice 1 Prim furniture from Prim Possible again. And it is a nice Corner Soda that can be place just at one nice corner without taking a large space, but still it would be 1 Prim and has lots of animations powered by Phpose, with 500 animations for the PG version and 900 for the Adult version.

This is a very comfortable sofa and that Kitty can proof to you. It is not just spacious enough to sit, it is to relax and lie down too and still plenty of space left. Of course, since this is a cuddle and adult furniture it needs to be that comfortable in order not to distract you from the main focus.

Unlike a previous version of the Corner Sofa, which was prim, this new one is MESH and has many settings from shine to textures. And by many, that is a few menus to go. You can also customize the frame texture as well as those of the little pillows.  

This is one of the combination that Kitty really enjoys. It almost feels like she is sitting on chocolate waffer. :) But notice you can have it in many different style be it modern, quirky, leather and fur and much more. Of course, the owner also assured that the animals parts is synthetic and no animals are actually harmed to make these sofas. Phew... :)

There are just so many poses, even alone, can you imagine for couples and friends. From dancing, to kissing and cuddles to really the hardcore stuff. You do not even need a bed, imagine. Of course many people may agree or disagree but the sofa is definitely big enough for a lot of things.

Notice how the frame can be as natural as you want it, even made from bamboos and you can have the texture of the couch in flowery with rosey patterns on the pillow. This is all up to you. It is like as if you buy a few thousands sofa at the price of one and you can change it every month or even every week if you so want it. Cool? Definitely.

Kitty save this one for today. Happy Valentine Day to all Kitty's reader. This is one of her favorite setup with hearts all over in the weaved sofa and the pillow even say coffee. Yes, it is definitely a good time for coffee with your favorite somebody.

As Kitty mentioned, there are 2 version of this Corner Sofa, both you can try out at the PrimPossible Store :

To purchase this however, you have to buy it through Marketplace because there is a lot more descriptions and details that can be listed there.

Adult NO-COPY Version:

PG NO-COPY Version:

And if you need more than 3 copies of this, go for the COPY Version:

P.S. Because the PG and the Adult version is same price, Kitty strongly suggest you go for the Adult version which contains more animations (but you may not need to use them), unless you are restricted by land or otherwise. :)

Bare Rose Avery

The Bare Rose Avery outfit is a modern skirt with a jackets that comes in 3 inner shirt colors and 4 jackets colors giving you a lot of options to mix and match them. In addition, there is a hat and a pair of shoes to complete the outfit. 

Taking a walk down the beach, Kitty is showing you one of her favorite combination of Black inner shirt with the Cherry Jacket. It looks elegant and with the hat, it looks perfect.

For those who prefer darker taste, there is always the option of having the Black Jacker as well. And notice how the outfit is perfectly nice and comfortable even while you sleep. Not awkward exposure issues. 

You can try out other combinations like the Brown inner shirt with a Dark Blue outer Jacket and it will still give you that nice elegant feeling. The best part about this outfit is the hat hat and shoes are quite neutral to all the combinations and it will still goes well.

The White Jacket will goes well with any of the dark inner Shirt, such as this Black one and here is also a close up of the shoe so that you can see the nice and smooth leather texture. And these are some good steady boot. Feel feel to give someone a nice stomp if they try to be impolite. 

And to end this post, Kitty will give you a nice look on the Black Jacket over Purple Inner Shirt. There are simply too many combinations to cover and these are just some of the possible ones which Kitty has tried. Feel free to pick one up and try for yourself. It will probably take a long time before you get tired of it.

Get your own Avery at Bare Rose Main Store:

Brii Hekele

The Hekele is a Blue flowery dress from the Fifties Hunt:

It is rather unique because the color it provides it fresh and new and gives you a real good reason to get this (if you can find it) at $1 and add a Blue dress to your collection.

Even in the darkest of places, the Hekele will shine the brightest because of its nice blue color. Kitty feels wearing this she can cheer up anyone anywhere. She just need to watch the wind when playing on the see saw though...

The Hekele is simple, with only a few pieces including the belt, the sunglasses and a pair of shoes, but is is more than enough to look good and cool. Look at Kitty at the piano. Well, she need to take of the glasses when she starts playing, but otherwise, it is a good nice way to actually go around without paparazzi on her tail :)

Find this as one of the prize of the Fifties Hunt:


Irodori Furisode Collection 2016 Rose

The Furisode Collection 2016 is a new range of flowery Kimonos from Irodori and it comes in 6 colors. Kitty love it so much that she decide to buy the Rose and try it out for you.

The first thing you will notice there is actually there is a complete hair with accessories with this beautiful purple themed Kimonos. But that is not stopping you from applying it with other hair. simply get your HUD or get the Black version on.

This is the proof that it would work with other hair too. The Kimono also had taken into considerations of the cold winter we are having this year and we have a nice fur (ok, let's imagine thats syntactic fur because Kitty do not like to harm animals) stole to keep you warm on your neck while the thick Kimono protects the rest of your body from the chill.

The Furisode is good for any occasion and especially there are so many things to be celebrating this Feb, including the coming Valentine's Day tomorrow. Kitty is really enjoying herself in her little Japanese Tea Art with her friends dressing up to her best Kimono. And also the Latest as well from Irodori!

And here is a good view of the Kimono showing all its flowery texture in high details. There is no better picture than this one to be make into a postcard. At least Kitty thinks so. A early Happy Valentine for all my readers. 

Take a walk, slowly and gracefully, over the bridge enjoying the nice cool weather where water flows lazily, and Sakura blooms and dances in the wind like rain drops. This is the best time to be in a Kimono and Kitty definitely recommends the Irodori Furisode. If Kitty manage to somehow get the other colors, she would show you more. Its a promise.

Buy this fantastic Kimono from Marketplace:

Or visit the Irodori Main Shop:


Brii Horacia

The Horacia from Brii Underground Wear is a pale Pink Fifties Style Dress that comes in parts of a mesh bra in 5 sizes, a high skirt, bows, sunglasses and a pair of Slink High heels with matching color and bow. This is also a $1 prize item from the Fifties Hunt :

The first thing you will notice from the dress is that it is so silky smooth and everyone feel like touching it. Look at how it flows in the breezes and light. And look at those heels, even on a merry go round it stand high and firm because it is a well fitted shoe for Slink High.

Here is a close up of the outfit, you can clearly see the nice flowery patterns on the high skirt as well as on the sleeves. And you can admire the huge but cute bow on the bra as well as on the head. This is a nice cute dress that doesn't disappoint despite it being a Fifties style. 

Grab this in the Fifties Hunt at Brii Main Store:

Brii Halston

The Halston is one of the prize of the Brii Fifties Hunt for Feb 2016 as blogged :

This is a Black and White outfit complete with a fluffy dress and panties (Yes, you will probably need this when sitting down), with sunglasses and bows and a pair of Slink High Feet matching color heels.

Black and White is perhaps the most contrasting colors to put together and it is never too bright nor too dark to be in any environment. Not even in this gloomy lighted sim. Look at how well the dress stands out even in the dim light. 

In the bright light, the highly detailed texture stands out and this makes the Halston a nice elegent dress to be in, especially if you are in a nostalgic mode. The bow and the fluffy dress is a real hints of the good old times. That is probably the reason why this is in the Fifties Hunt.

Grab this before the hunt ends at Brii Main Store:


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