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Happy Australia Day

Was working on this and totally forgotten to post it! Hope everyone have a Happy Australia Day! Well and many great days after :) Still partying~~~


LR Flute Blowdart

This month, LR has a small release... And it is really not just small in size, but small in cost. At only $400, it is one of the cheapest dartgun you can get, but this is not just any dartgun. It is a flute as well! I think you can ask around that is the fastest shooting weapons and people will tell you its the dartgun. The lowest cool time between shots. Well this is one of them!

When sheath the blowpipe goes nicely onto your thigh and is it almost hidden depending on what you wear. If you have a long dress, it will definitely be hidden so nobody will even suspect you are armed. This is perfect for assassins class of roleplayers! The color and strings can also be configured using the hud easily.

When drawn. it is a simple little flute. What harm can come to it? But this is no ordinary flute! It has both slave and blowdart damage depending on the settings. Come closer and let Kitty play you a song!

This is a flute after all right? So there are many build in animation and if you so desired, this is really be just a flute and not a weapon. But of course it can also be a good cover if you want it to be. Look at how well Kitty plays the flute. No training required and comes with quite a lot of animations in fact.

Since there is no We Love Roleplay event this month, this item is sold at the LR Main Store. At $400, you can get a flute and/or a blowdart weapon, so this is a highly recommended by Kitty. Don't wait now, get one before your friend use one on you at LR :


Petit Chat By the Way

Petit Chat has a new outfit and Kitty is terribly late in blogging this! But here is it, By The Way, in 4 glorious color - Willow, Taupe, Olive and Brick. And it is available at $185 each!

The Brick is red in color and it is not surprise because traditional bricks are red.  It looks really good in the setting sun in fact. The half red and peach combination also gives it the perfect light and dark in a dress and it is anything but dull. 

By the Way Olive is black and green like what the olive plant and fruit would projects. It is a nice dark outfit and look at how beautiful it is against the white sands on the ground. The thing about By the Way is that it is casual enough for any occasion.

By The Way Taupe is a lighter shade than Olive but it is also a nice color to be wondering around town or just relaxing at the beach or even under the beautiful Sakura tree. But make sure you have a good graphics because this is material enabled and would look really good on the texture and feel. 

The fourth and last is the Willow, a match of green and brown just like the tree.  But nevertheless a good combination. Although it is not Kitty's intention, the crane might had thought Kitty is actually a Willow tree which also grows near water front.

This fabulous short skirt and croped jacket is a item for sales at EVA event at :


Kitty in the Rain

She steps out of the deserted bar and conveniently pick up her little red umbrella by the side of the door in the umbrella bin. "Looks like a long rainy day...", she whispers to herself then looking at the cute little umbrella, she smiles "Its up to you to protect me now...". She grab her long coat and ties the knots on her waist tight so that it would flip open in the strong wind outside or worse, get her all wet in rain. She has been under dressed for such a wet and cold day, her thin T-shirt with a cute anime character and just a silly little cap which seems too young for her age. Fortunately, she has her favorite kitty paw boots on which would cover her little feet nicely against the cold and rain when she dash through the street later.

She stands tall, points her umbrella and whispers a little spell in an unknown language then pressing the auto open button on her umbrella, let's it shoots out opening the folded red umbrella in full glory as she pretend it was her spell that does it. She smiles and giggles as she moves herself comfortable under her "rain shield" as she opens the door. To her shock, the lonely bus is already making its ways into the old bus stop and there is no one else waiting for it in the rain. She would have to hurry if she wants to catch it. As she dash out through the door, her long silky hair is release from her cap as it flew backwards from the momentum as well as the strong gust wind that rushes in to the little bar. She turns around to try to grab the cap, but her hands was full with an umbrella and she was afraid if she let go, it would fly into the wind into another dimension.
"Someone will keep it for me..." She hopes as she pick up her steps, her boots stomps into the wet street outside, sending a ring ripples of water into the air with each step she takes... She is going to make it. She knew it as she dash and hops over the bins and chairs around the way like the cat girl she is as her tails whirls in the air balancing her body perfectly. She smiles as the captain spotted her and opens the shuttle door of the bus. Like a gust of wind, she spins and leap into the bus, enjoying it warms and comfort for the coming hours in the journey.

Brii Hypsea

The Hypsea is a Urban style outfit from Brii Underground Wear which comes in Blue, Black and Wine. So Kitty will try to show you something different rather than the Red and Black which Kitty so often like to show.

The synthetic rubber feeling is there from the top to the bottom and it is quite waterproof and winkle proof to be honest. There is a small fabric piece for your inner wear and it will keep you warm and comfortable while the external surface protect you from the environment. Look at how well the outfit shine in the light.

The Hypsea is quite sexy too, even when seated as it has a inner whole made just right at the cleavage for some casual flirting. To top this off, there is a pair of boots for various mesh legs including Maitreya as well. And there is always the accessories you can count on from Brii, which comes in the form of a pair of huge earrings with matching color.

Purchase your very own Hypsea from Brii Main Store:

Brii Hipolita

The Hipolita is a Urban style outfit from Brii Underground Wear that comes in 3 color - Blue, Black and Burgundy and includes a pair of Slink High shoes.

The red striking color of the Burgundy is one of the main feature of this outfit and of course nobody can miss the pretty hat. IT is so prominent even when sitting down.

And here is a overview of the whole outfit. It has just about enough to be decent and fun. There is also a pair of optional sunglasses if you feel like a walk in the sun. 

Get Hipolita at Brii Main Store:


Bare Rose Yozaki Komachi

The Yozaki Komachi is an new outfit from Bare Rose which features a rosey textured modern dress in 2 colors - Red and Black. Yes... Kitty's favorite colors! And Kitty has decided to show you this dress today!

The Yozaki Komachi comes with a shoulder cover, a red or black dress, skirts, a pair of matching black high boots and lots of ribbon accessories on the hair and back. Kitty is showing you the Red version of the dress here with the highly detailed rosey texture. 

The view from the back is absolutely amazing. It shows the semi translucent dress in the bright light with all the rose and sakura flowers on the huge hair ribbon and attached sode. The beautiful red section of the dress is also a good contrast with the black skirts and boots. 

And here is a close up on the dress so that you can see how detail it is. Even the texture on the black skirt and shoulders can be seen clearly when closed up. The only thing that Kitty has to admit is that the headband on her hair is not part of the Yozaki Komachi and it is a specially chosen hair piece that Kitty feels really goes perfect with this outfit. 

In case you are still wondering about the Black version of the dress, Kitty has decided to take one photo to show you. It is the same Ribbon and Sode as well as the top in black, but still with the same detailed texture.

Get your very own Yozaki Komachi and it comes with both colors in one purchase:


Bare Rose Blue Lake Angel

Kitty has blogged about the Bare Rose Mini Tresure Hunt - Memento in a previous post:

The prize of the hunt is the Lake Angel. Kitty has found that there is yet another variant that is call the Blue Lake Angel which is available as a random raffle item if you spend your time shopping at Bare Rose! And Kitty is lucky enough to get it! 

The Blue Lake Angel is similar except that instead of black which you get from the original hunt, you will get the blue version which also comes with a mask and a fantastic swan wings. And this version even comes with the Omega Appliers so you can fit i into your mesh body!

Visit Bare Rose today and maybe it's your lucky day!

Brii Herta

The Brii Underground Wear's Herta is a outfit in black and comes with a scarf, a hat and pantyhosse for various appliers. The tall heels is also Slink compatible, so this outfit is fully mesh.  

There is nothing like a nice hat to cover your hair when you are at he seaside enjoying the view and looking around casually. The scarf will keep you neck warm from the cold winds and also protects you from sunburn too! 

Here you can see the whole outfit in full view, the scarf in the pretty little dress and legs long pantyhose to protect your legs. This is a really good casual outfit for your slink body and other than the shoes, there is also appliers for other mesh body as well.

Get this item as part of the Brii Winter Hunt:

Start hunting for Herta at:


Brii Haya

The Brii Haya is a wine red outfit with a silky material and comes with a complete matching outfit for the winter!

There isn't many accessories but it is more than enough consider the scarf and belt are together with the dress and you have a set of pantyhose for the high boots too. Perfect for a little walk by the beach when a little sun comes out to warm the winter. 

And here is a close up of the netted pantyhose and the boot. Can you already feel how comfortable and warm it is? This is a simple yet beautiful outfit can be yours at just $1. If you find it. It is part of the hunt item of the Brii Winter Hunt.

Start your hunting at Brii Store:

Brii Hanina

The Hanina is a white color Winter ware from Brii Underground Wear that comes with a whole series of accessories including a bonnet head ware, earrings, sunglasses as well as pantyhose and shoes for Slink.

The sunglasses that comes in really handy when visiting the outdoor in the sunny weather even in Winter... That is why this is although a Winter wear, but it comes with a pair of sunglasses. The outfit is also quite covered and you even barely need a glove to keep your hands warm.

When the sun is down and the cold winds blows, it is time to make sure your head is well covered to protect your hair from harm. And there is exactly what the bonnet cap is for, to keep your head warm and comfortable. The pantypose is not much, but much much better than nothing in the cool evening. Come have a sit with Kitty in the cool sun down and enjoy the wind in the warm Hanina.

The Hanina is a hunt prize in the Brii Winter hunt:

Start looking for the hunt prizes now at Brii Main Store:


InkHeart Advent Calender Eyes

Inkheart has a Advent Calender event which carries 25 pairs of eyes from the store and they are all under the tree! It seems like it is still there and Kitty manage to grab all of them at one go! All it takes is to join the group and you can start unwrapping your presents under the tree! Make sure you get all 25 of them!

Grab your eyes now before its gone:


The Girl on the Swing

She sits alone on the swing her hands holding on to the side as she looked into the dead silence in the middle of the town. She swings her body gently letting the swing rocks as she notices a small gust of wind, picking up the leaves and twirling them in the air from the dusty ground which seems to be missing cleaning like years. She smiles as she kicks again harder, letting the swing goes higher and faster as she notices the world flying around her in fast motion up and down, up and down and repeatedly going. The feeling of the winds blowing through her little feed as she lifts them up, feel form the ground, almost making it feel like flying. The rush of wind on her face and on her long let down hair is something she feel so familiar. Has she ever been on a swing before… Vivid images or maybe even imagination flickers in her mind. Was this her childhood? But she could not remember. She grins playfully as the swing rocks violently up and down as she hops onto the seat, her legs lift her body up standing on the seat ash tilts her body even more to gain more momentum.

Gently, she closes her eyes and the world suddenly slows down to a bullet time, moving in slow motion as she feel her hand let go of the chains on the swing. She could hear the little chirping of the ravens on the bins and as the swing climbs up to the peak forward, almost like a coaster would, she kicks the seating board forcefully as she feels her body leap into the air, somersaulting making a few loops so ever gracefully and slow as the world spins around her, her eyes only in dark harmony. In no time she feels her feet on the ground as she bends and breaks the impact, she opens her eyes to a bright sun over the broken down playground in the middle of the town. She lifts her arms up by her side, high up in the air as if she is an Olympic sports girls and grins playfully at absolutely nobody. “Ta-da!” she giggles before leaping up and dashing into the little alleys between the old buildings, disappearing like a gust of wind, leaving only the dead silent once again, and a lonely raven on top of the rubbish bin, minding its own business.

Brii Hebe Red

The Hebe from Brii Underground Wear is a new outfit made for the Winter and it is in fabulous Black and Red, complete with support for mesh bodies and a Slink shoe.

The complete outfit comes in a dress with belts, gloves and stockings. It may take a little adjustment for the Slink body, but the effect is well worth it.

The four belts on the waist can be clearly seen in this picture and you can feel the texture of the material with the perfectly balanced black over red pattern over the dress. Who said you need to wear heavy and thick for the winter?

Here is a chance for you to have look at the pretty little black shoe and how well it looks on long legs and slink. There is no reason why you should skip this outfit as this is a $1 prize in the Brii Winter hunt which Kitty has blogged at:

Start looking for the hunt prizes now at Brii Main Store:


Bare Rose Umetsubaki

The Umetsubaki is a New Year outfit from Bare Rose and it comes in 2 fantastic bright color - Pink and Yellow which are great addition to any girl's wardrobe. The New Year dress consist of main kimono with a nice piece of head accessories in both colors, a nice purse which also comes in both colors for matching the outfit and an optional outer shoulder coat to keep you warm and comfortable in these cold winter days.

The head dress is a nice big ribbon which has stalks of cherry blossoms on it to give the nice fragrance. Even if you plan to use this for another outfit it would still look fabulous any day because flowers are never out of fashion! The optional white outer coat is made of a nice warm material that keep you warm from the cold winds and it is nicely secured to your neck in a nice butterfly knots of strings that can be so beautiful especially when closed up.

Pink is one of the colors that comes in this outfit and it is the favorite color to go on a slow walk to the temple on New Year day to get your blessing from the gods. I am sure you will get their attention like Kitty and your wishes comes true! Kitty is also holding the matching purse in pink which is good to keep all your little stuff and especially your mobile phone. You do not want it to interrupt your prayers do you? :)

If the weather is a little warmer, especially need the food and sake stores, there is always the option to take off the outer coat and go light on just the kimono and sandals. Oh there is food! Kitty giggles cheerfully in the beautiful Umetsubaki because the outfit itself radiates the aura of happiness and joy!

Yellow is not a common color for outfit and you get this free without additional cost to the pink kimono. With a matching set of its own accessories, this can be a good alternative if you find everyone else wearing red or pink. Afterall, that is the favorite color. But Yellow is stunning and elegant on its own. This definitely takes the center stage anytime. The flowery texture on the kimono is even more vibrant on the yellow kimono.

Celebrate this New Year with the Bare Rose Umetsubaki :


Newify Your body Hunt

This is a relative simple hunt, but at the point of writing some stores are not ready. You can check back again. There aren't many hunt with appliers and parts for MESH body, so you won't want to miss this one if you are using Slink. Maitreya etc

Kitty cannot find the item at {D.O.R.K}, maybe you can comment here and help her.

Hints and LMs:

Brii Winter Hunt

The new Brii Winter Hunt has started from the 26 Dec and will eun till 31 Jan 2016. There are 10 warm and cosy Winter Wear to be found and purchase at $1L each. Kitty will be showing you some of the items from the hunt in the upcoming posts.

Come down to Brii Main Store to start your hunt today:


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