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Bare Rose Tsukuyomi Lady

Bare Rose has released Tsukuyomi Lady (as well as Tsukuyomi) a while and it also happens to be one of the featured outfit at 2017 Hatu Haru Kimono Ichi  (2017初春着物市) held at Milky House:

Tsukuyomi (月読) is the Moon God or in this case Goddess in Japanese legends and the first thing you will notice of this outfit is the cloud barriers as well as the Moon hovering ahead. These are very unique accessories that doesn't come with most other outfit, not even Bare Rose.

From the back view you will notice... Kitty has a really black tail... No I mean the outfit! You will see how majestic the godly cape and spines looks like. Can you feel an aura of moonly energy from Kitty?

Up close you can see the beautiful moon necklace as well as huge tiara which nobody could miss.

Feel like being a Moon Goddess today? Grab your own Tsukuyomi Lady at the event above or at Bare Rose Main Store:


A Memory in the City of Bones

This used to be a sim Kitty hangs out with some of her friends in the past and it seems that it is going to be closed on 28th Dec 2016, Kitty went ahead to take some photo for memories.

If you still want to catch a last look, here is the LM:


Petit Chat Christmas Group Gift

12 days of 1 gift each is what is happening at Petit Chat Group now! And where do you think the presents are?

Yes, where else can it be! Put on your group tag and grab those nice prizes under the Xmas tree!

Visit Petit Chat today:

Brii Larissa

If you ever want to look sexy and at the same time for Christmas... Larissa is the answer! This is now a free gift at Brii Main Store so grab it while it last!

Other than the antlers horns which is part of Kitty's hair, you will see everything this outfit comes with and it even support appliers with various mesh bodies.

Its time to look good for this coming Christmas! Find this and other free gifts at Brii Main Store:

Brii Griselda

They say Red is the color of Christmas... And how true that is for Brii Griselda which is a Christmas style outfit. This is also one of the hunt prizes in the Brii Merry Christmas Hunt:

Here is Kitty showing you how good this red look like especially even in a overwhelming blue background. This $1L outfit fits most mesh body and comes support for Slink feet. However, Kitty is wearing  Maitreya high feet and it fits perfectly too!

Time for a merry Christmas... But first you will have to find this gift at Brii Main Store:

Brii Loni

The Loni from Brii Underground Wear is a hunt item from the Merry Christmas Hunt :

This is a beautiful mesh with various sizes and comes with a nice pair of boots just right for the holidays. Well, this is called Christmas style for a good reason.

Go find the prize and buy this for $1L:

Smooching Serpent Fuck X-mas Raffle

Smooching Serpents is a major adult furniture creator which has pretty high quality furnitures with low prims. They are having a X-mas Raffle which is more like a Gacha without specific items. Pay $299L and you get a quality random Smooching Serpents product ranging from $599L up to $5999L. Yes... That's right. The Raffle is on those yellow presents boxes...

Well, maybe there are more, but Kitty got this:

Now, all Kitty need is a secret dungeon and some pet nekos...

Anyway, come join Kitty for a really good opportunity to own some of Smooching Serpents best furnitures:


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays 2016

Kitty would like to wish you a very Merry Xmas!

Hope all your wishes for this Christmas comes true and you have lots of ... presents!

Thank you for all the support in the past years. Hope you will continue to support Kitty in her second life!

Bare Rose Merry Josephine

Bare Rose has lots of new Christmas outfit and Kitty is going to show you one of them named Merry Josephine! It is a long dress with lots of Red and Green and bells!

To add to this almost perfect out for Christmas, is there a cute little umbrella so that you can be protected from the winter sun as well as snow. Look at how well the umbrella actually covers from the sun and keeps you in the shadow. That will save you a lot of $$ on cosmetics! 

Everything you see here is from the outfit excluding the antlers on the head which is part of the hair. Well how comfortable and warm this is for Kitty! Come join her on a winter teatime beside the cold stream?

Get your own Merry Josephine from Bare Rose Main Store:


Kiyomizu Winter Treasure Hunting 2016

Kitty never misses this one. And this year Kitty is really early and has completed it, with exception of the #57 store, which Kitty could only find 1 ninja cat.

If you need help on the hunt, please refer to this post previously by Kitty:

And you should pay Siromon a visit now to start the hunt:

There should be one right in front of you!

Bare Rose Pink Corset Santa

Sometimes you just get rewarded for doing.... nothing at all! Yes, you hear Kitty right? This Pink Corset Santa is a FREE gift at Bare Rose! All you need to do is to be there and randomly the raffles will give you free gifts. And this is one of them! Well the outfit of course, excludes the boots and the Hair band though. 

Well, so what are you waiting for? There is no excuse for not have a new and cool outfit the the holidays! So at least get something at Bare Rose (While you shop).

Well, you wait a taxi there, wait in the queue. Kitty is next, but tell the driver Bare Rose Main Store is at:


Peace On Earth Hunt 9

Peace on Earth is back with 130+ stops given that a few is not working and this is the 9th Year this is running. Kitty has also completed this in the past, so this year, she quickly finished this so that she can play around with the gifts for Xmas.

However, do take note that:
#40 : There are actually 2 gifts for ladies
#126 #136 : Wrong LM in previous prize. Use the official webpage LM.
#136 : Wrong LM from #125 bring you to sim with 2 free gifts though.
Remember to always check the LM and whether the sim is working on the official webpage at:

Good luck my friends!

Firestorm V5.0.1 Release

Firestorm V5.0.1 is out now with new features! See th details:

Download it today:

Death Row Design The Krampus Hunt

Thanks to the help from friends and other people on the sim, Kitty finally completed the hunt and this is all the gifts you can get from the hunt!

If you have not started, then you better do so now before the Krampus gets to you:


Death Row Design The Krampus

Death Row Design has rolled out a new hunt, The Krampus Hunt and it is a really really challenging hunt! Come find 14 gift boxes and after collecting them, which gives you individual prizes, you can collect the grand prize at the starting point!

Come help Kitty find the really difficult to find, without hint, and black gifts box on the sim:


Candy Cane 8 Hunt

Kitty has not been in this for a while, so this year, Kitty decided to do it, at least part of it. There are altogether 4 paths and other than the Sugarplum path which is for girls only, there rest all contains unisex or items for both genders. Kitty of course only finish Sugarplum in this case.

Here is the blog to start you off :

Just click on the tabs on the top to start!

The Wash Winter Cart Sale

There is an event going on at The Wash and its $10L! So grab your friends and come quickly before Jan 14th!

Taxi to the sales (On way trip):


Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.