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Petit Chat Born to Hand Jive for MaMy Shopping Event

Born to Hand Jive is the latest outfit from Petit Chat that comes in 5 sizes with pumps and socks and a cute scarf. This is the promotion item at the MaMy Shopping Event and the dress comes in 4 bright colors! Well, technically if you consider Black and White color too!

The outfit is filled with cute pokey dots and it the perfect dress for dances and rock and roll because it is based on the "Grease" movie after all! The stunning blue is smoothing and gives a cool and refreshing breezes on and off stage. But Kitty better hold on to her dress as there is a big gust of wind coming up from nowhere...

The Green version of Born to Hand Jive is anything but dull. It is bright, shiny and the cute dots makes whoever wears it feel so fresh and lively just like a fields of greenly plants. The heels comes in white so that it does not make the whole outfit all green and it definitely give you a few inch more in height.

The Pink version is fruity, cherry like and definitely make you the center of attraction at any time. The red dots on the dress as well as the scarf is just perfect to help you radiates the cute and feminine side of you, just like Kitty here. So, who wants to buy Kitty's dinner tonight?

White is the last version, but never the least. It is in fact Kitty favorite of the four because.... It is perfect for hide and seek in the Grease diner... The floors is checkered. The wall is checkered. Kitty is kind of checkered, but more dotted in cute black circles. This has to be the most matching dress for this diner at all times. The material enabled dress is also very live like and offer a good feel of the smooth material. This is especially important for the scarf which is going to stay on Kitty especially since there are a few customers who looks a bit too pale for her liking... Oops must be actors from the wrong movie...

The MaMy Shopping Event runs until 30 Nov 2015, so get your favorite color there:

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