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Brii Pinocchio

The Brii Pinocchio is a themed outfit based on Pinocchio, the wooden character whose nose grows longer when he lies. But of course, everyone already knows that. This outfit is cute and require no Slinks for all part of the outfit so any classic avatar could wear it easily.

In a word, Kitty would describe this outfit as Colorful! There is Red (shorts), Yellow(Shirt) and Blue (Ribbon)! The shoes is a nice crafted brown leather with yellow straps! And who could miss that stunning hat? If you plan to use this at a costume party, be prepared for lots of attention!

Nothing like adding a little color to the white white snowscape around Kitty. And what's even better? The outfit is almost free! Well, its actually $1L.

Get this outfit at the Brii Enchanted World Hunt Kitty had posted in:

Stop lying to yourself, you love this costume, so find it at:

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