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Brii Giane Black

Giane is the new Rock style outfit in smooth leather and comes in 3 colors - Red, White and Black. Kitty will try out her favorite Black for you today!

The Rocker style line of Bri outfit had always make you feel tough and cool, with sunglasses and boots. This is no exception and the texture of the leather jacker and pants is so realistic, you can even almost feel it.

The Mesh jacket and pants comes in 6 sizes and you can easily find the right one for you. For slink users, it may require a little adjustment, but it is worth the effort when you have it all right. 

There is a nice picture on the back of the jacket as well. Looking from the back of the outfit, it is pretty nice and sexy too! Yes the pants are pretty fitting.

Get this outfit from Brii Main Store:

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