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Bare Rose Chidoria

Chidoria is a new outfit from Bare Rose which is Mesh and Material enabled. Yes, that means you get very high quality texture with the latest viewer and the texture is already making Kitty feel warm in this cold winter!

Kitty decide to do her photo shoot for you today in a room hosted with Prim Possible furniture! That is like killing 2 birds with 1 stone, but actually the main reason is that this outfit from Bare Rose seems to match the room setting perfectly. I hope both my designers will be happy. But this post is about the Bare Rose Chidoria so here it is... A nice warm jacket, over a inner dress thats comes with a matching dark colored skirt with frills and finally a pair of Black boots to go with it. Definitely the comfortable clothes to be in for this winter!

Notice how the color of the Jacket is different now? Yes, that is because you actually get a good combination of dark and lighter color jacker and inner dress all in this one package. So this is the one with the darker outer jacket. And look out for that pair of nice boots too, which Kitty is showing you right now. Feel the nice smell of leather on it? 

If you are indoor and feel like its getting a bit warm, there is always the option to turn up the temperature or simply just take off the jacket! This is how the inner dress looks like. It is comfortable and the color goes nicely with the skirt as well.

Lastly, let's not forget we still have the option of using the lighter color inner dress! Kitty love the contrast of the dark vs light, black vs white combination. It can create a very nice outfit most of the time. Of course, you get the white frilled skirt too! Now, just think about it, you can change the inner dress, the jacket, the frilled skirt in both light and dark, plus you can take off the jacket altogether. That is how flexible the combination this outfit can create for you. It's time to put on the Chidoria and have a nice walk along the beach today. If you are lucky, you would see Kitty there too!

Chidoria is available at the Bare Rose Main Store:


Brii Helena Jeans

The Helena is a new outfit from Brii Underground Wear and comes in Black, Olive and Jeans which is the one Kitty is going to show you today!

The Jeans is not just a color, in fact its a texture for the Shorts and Jacket that comes with the outfit. In this version you see here, Kitty is putting it on Slink with the Hands, Pants and Top layer applied. There is no doubt it fits perfectly as a result

One thing that Kitty really love about this outfit is the netted stockings which goes all the way. It is perfect for a biker theme outfit and matches nicely with the pair of boots for Slink High feet. As for accessories, this comes with the cap and a necklace.

Get this new outfit at Brii Underground Wear:


Brii School's Out

As the school comes to a end for the Winter holidays.. It is time to join Kitty in dressing down from the uniforms to something casual and let your hair down to enjoy the good break you deserved. Brii Underground Wear has just the outfit for it and it is call School's Out!

The outfit consists of a loose top and a shorts with some very rebellious tattoo and of course a sandles to top it all. Everything except "formal" itself is there. And well it is not really school safe either. Kitty better not be caught wearing this in school even though it may be the last day of this semester. 

But of course nobody would stop you when there is nobody around and Kitty is enjoying her freedom now at least for this long holiday in this comfortable outfit. The outfit is mesh and comes in 5 sizes for the tops and the shorts so you are sure to find one that fit you. The tattoo is nice and not too overwhelming but you always have a choice to have it or not.

The good news is that this is current an item on the Lucky Chair at Brii Main Store:

No excuse for not trying your lucky there especially since school's out now!


LR Vlacos Bow at Secret Affair

The Vlacos Bow is a featured item from LR at the Secret Affair Event. And do not judge this bow by all from its look, It might look simple, but this is v5.00b of the Elite Series bow and you can only expect the best in low lag and usability from LR.

This is a standard long bow size which is slim and gives is a very light weight, easy to be carried by both the big hunk or tiny little girl like Kitty. There is also a nice weaved quiver for slinging the spare arrows on your back.

Unlike most sling, the quiver is put to one side and does not get into the way of anything on your other accessories. It also facilities quicker draw too! Taking about improvement, LR had made a lot of improvement on this new bow and it has much better management of the direction and timing of the arrow that it is going to bring your archery skill up a notch.

There is a side quiver too for those who prefer to have your back freed for example for wings or backpack and other equipment. The quiver texture is tintable and it perfectly matches the bow which you can see here. The arrow now fires more responsively due to scripts improvement and the grapper function had been moved to the HUD instead. Well, most place doesn't allow the grapple anyway, but it is still essential to a Kitty Cat Thief sometimes.

The bow is available for sale at The Secret Affair event till 30th Nov at:

or visit LR Main Store after which:

The good thing is you do not pay any extra at all.


Brii Bagala

The Bagala is a mesh outfit themed for this Christmas and it is in Kitty's favorite Red and Black!

The most stunning part about the Bagala is the head dress. It is really outstanding with flowers on it too. But  actually, there are other accessories that comes with this outfit too. Like the flower necklace and the fitted belt. Kitty is all in the mood for Christmas already.

And the back of the outfit is nothing short of sexy and fitted. The long black boot with laces and tight fitting waist shorts. This is definitely one of the more sexy Christmas outfit so far.

Petit Chat's Precious Denim

The Precious Denim is a 2 piece jacket and skirt set from Petit Chat and it sold separately. It comes in 3 colors - Green, Pink and Brown and is one of the item shown at the EVA event.

The Pink version is a lively and cheerful set and is perfect for the outdoors. Kitty is happily dancing with the butterflies with the Pink Precious Denim.

A close up of the Brown set will show you that it can be sexy as needed to, especially when it is not even intentional. The brown color fits perfectly with the great outdoor and you will have no worries at all about getting it stained unlike white outfits.

And finally there is the Green Precious Denim which is the highlight of this whole outdoor shoot. Look at how well it blends in with the grass, the tree leaves and gentle water flowing in the river. It feel really windy and cool too. Sometimes, its just so great to let you hair down and relax to enjoy what nature's has to offer.

The 2 pieces Precious Denim is available for sale at the EVA event at:


X-clusives Animations 9th Rez Day

In celebration of my friend, Kacey's Rez day, she is having a 90% sales on her store, X-clusives animations and many many big items are at 90% off. Yes, it means you pay only 10% the price for those in doubt of Maths!

For how long? Kitty is not going to tell you, but Kitty has brought all her pets along to shop now.

Shop till you drop at this crazy sale at:


Petit Chat Born to Hand Jive for MaMy Shopping Event

Born to Hand Jive is the latest outfit from Petit Chat that comes in 5 sizes with pumps and socks and a cute scarf. This is the promotion item at the MaMy Shopping Event and the dress comes in 4 bright colors! Well, technically if you consider Black and White color too!

The outfit is filled with cute pokey dots and it the perfect dress for dances and rock and roll because it is based on the "Grease" movie after all! The stunning blue is smoothing and gives a cool and refreshing breezes on and off stage. But Kitty better hold on to her dress as there is a big gust of wind coming up from nowhere...

The Green version of Born to Hand Jive is anything but dull. It is bright, shiny and the cute dots makes whoever wears it feel so fresh and lively just like a fields of greenly plants. The heels comes in white so that it does not make the whole outfit all green and it definitely give you a few inch more in height.

The Pink version is fruity, cherry like and definitely make you the center of attraction at any time. The red dots on the dress as well as the scarf is just perfect to help you radiates the cute and feminine side of you, just like Kitty here. So, who wants to buy Kitty's dinner tonight?

White is the last version, but never the least. It is in fact Kitty favorite of the four because.... It is perfect for hide and seek in the Grease diner... The floors is checkered. The wall is checkered. Kitty is kind of checkered, but more dotted in cute black circles. This has to be the most matching dress for this diner at all times. The material enabled dress is also very live like and offer a good feel of the smooth material. This is especially important for the scarf which is going to stay on Kitty especially since there are a few customers who looks a bit too pale for her liking... Oops must be actors from the wrong movie...

The MaMy Shopping Event runs until 30 Nov 2015, so get your favorite color there:


Brii Pinocchio

The Brii Pinocchio is a themed outfit based on Pinocchio, the wooden character whose nose grows longer when he lies. But of course, everyone already knows that. This outfit is cute and require no Slinks for all part of the outfit so any classic avatar could wear it easily.

In a word, Kitty would describe this outfit as Colorful! There is Red (shorts), Yellow(Shirt) and Blue (Ribbon)! The shoes is a nice crafted brown leather with yellow straps! And who could miss that stunning hat? If you plan to use this at a costume party, be prepared for lots of attention!

Nothing like adding a little color to the white white snowscape around Kitty. And what's even better? The outfit is almost free! Well, its actually $1L.

Get this outfit at the Brii Enchanted World Hunt Kitty had posted in:

Stop lying to yourself, you love this costume, so find it at:

Brii Jessica Rabbit

Brii has a themed outfit based on Jessica Rabbit from the movie "Who Killed Roger Rabbit" and it is really red, hot and sexy! Kitty is going to show you today!

Sometimes its good to be simple. And in this case, that is the point. A simple red dress with purple long arm gloves with matching red shoes is all you need. Oh, yes and of course a black bikini panty just in case. Sexy is the best word to describe this out!

And Kitty is loving it. But its so red hot and sexy, you might also notice the nice impression on Kitty's chest... Might have to avoid PG sims just in case. But for a wild erotic dances and happy evening, you can be sure Kitty is up for it in this nice Jessica Rabbit inspired outfit from Brii.

Get this outfit at the Brii Enchanted World Hunt Kitty had posted in:

Start hunting for this $1L hunt item at:


Brii Guilhermina White

The Brii Guilhermina comes in Black, Red and White and Kitty has chosen to show you the White version today.There are many parts in this outfit including a bras, actually more like a half bra, really sexy, belt, headdress in 2 parts rings, sunglasses and boots to name some of it. And because its mesh, it comes with many sizes for you to best fit into it.

For this outfit, Kitty has chosen to take it in the snowy lands. but instead of a camouflage, Kitty quite stand out in fact with the Guilhermina and all the shiny studs on the leather jacket and pants. In a way, Kitty almost feels like a rock star in the snow. Well that is what the Rocker style outfit line is all about.

The outfit gives a clean, elegant and pure feeling as a whole and the tattoo adds to a bit of variety from the pure white. Of course it is also optional.

Get this white version or if you prefer other colors of Guilhermina from the Brii Main Store:

Brii Giane Black

Giane is the new Rock style outfit in smooth leather and comes in 3 colors - Red, White and Black. Kitty will try out her favorite Black for you today!

The Rocker style line of Bri outfit had always make you feel tough and cool, with sunglasses and boots. This is no exception and the texture of the leather jacker and pants is so realistic, you can even almost feel it.

The Mesh jacket and pants comes in 6 sizes and you can easily find the right one for you. For slink users, it may require a little adjustment, but it is worth the effort when you have it all right. 

There is a nice picture on the back of the jacket as well. Looking from the back of the outfit, it is pretty nice and sexy too! Yes the pants are pretty fitting.

Get this outfit from Brii Main Store:

Data lost from ClustrMap

Its kind of sad and Kitty has no idea what happened, but it seems her ClustrMap data is gone... AGAIN.... So as of 1 Nov 2015, the map is clear again but Kitty is counting on you to mark your spots here soon.

Thank you for all the support over the years from all over the world. Kitty will work harder!

Brii Greta Purple

The Greta is a new Rocker style outfit from Brii and it comes in 3 colors - Black, Blue and Purple. Today Kitty will try out Purple for you. 

As usual, the outfit comes complete with everything you see here from sunglasses to shoes for Slink. There is also a slink applier for the stockings layer as well. This time Kitty had also put on the makeup provided.

The leather jacket is mesh and comes with a few sizes. It has a shiny texture too that you can even feel the smoothness under the right light. There is an embedded belt on the mini skirt too.

Get this outfit from Brii Main Store:


LR Tyrian Armour

LR has release a shield for this month for a change and the first look had inspired Kitty to try this out as mediaval. But Kitty then realized it would look too good unless you are bare body and muscular... At least Kitty thought it would all be the Gladiator and strong men in it. Then watching a show "Mad Max and the Fury Road"... changes everything....

In the dark future, where there is little trace of humanity left, Kitty is with her truck traveling on a endless quest for peace and water in her leather suit and the Tyrian Armor! This was simply out of pure inspiration that Kitty had put together the leather outfit and the armor for a post apocalypse roleplay. Do you like it?

In times like these, you can never be too careful and it never hurts to be more ready and the extr armor really counts. 

The good thing about this armour is that not only does it act as a shield, the Pauldron doesn't really go out of fashion for thousands of years... Take a closer look and you would realized that it fit the Gladiators, it fit Mad Kitty in the post apocalypse too!  

The Bracer is highly detailed and has leather and straps to make the fitting tight. It would prove to be useful when parrying from blows or even small weapons. Best of all, you can never tell if it had been drawn or not... So you can pretty well assume that Kitty can get into a fight ready at anytime!

Get this item at the We Love Roleplay Event at $180L instead of $250L:


Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.