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The Haunted Mortuary Gacha Tag

This is a must join event and it will only have an hour or so at most if you quickly go through it. Unlike other treasure hunt, this one, you do not need to spend much effort in finding the item. It is usually right where you land or at least near by.

The Urn is the item you need to click. But before all that let's go back to the start on how this all begins...

It all started on a stormy night and Kitty got an invitation to the Mortuary (well actually I do not think anyone would turn up, but Kitty is always curious)... By the way, there is a place to hang your coat and you can get a umbrella for the rain inside...

It turns out that there is a funeral... And Kitty is invited because she is... Death... Well let's get to it... but wait that is this? A HUD? To visit more places? Kitty wonder where does all these places lead to... And there is a torchlight too... Cool. Great for making scary faces and blinding your friends with it.

It turns out that the HUD leads to stores which run gacha and at each store, if you click the urn, you will be tag and given a "trick" prize of a "trick" prize. Well there are some exception. But each avatar is only allow to play through this once no matter how many HUD you have.

And that is not all. Each location has running gacha where you can play and buy. You might get rare coupons too! After you complete all the locations, go to the bonus room to collect more. Wow the bonus area is cool right?

Seems like there is still a need to visit the coupon area which is conveniently a cemetery... This is where the rare coupons comes in. Find the tombstone of that vendor, hold your coupon and claim your prizes.

Kitty can only say.. WOW. What a Hunt! Trust me, this will be one very unforgettable hunt!

Gacha that you can (pay and) play:

Full instructions on how to start and what to do:

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