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PrimPossible The Limitless Living Room

The Limitless Living Room from PrimPossible is a 1 Prim Living Room including sofa, love seat, tables, lamp, books on top of the rug with shadows. On top of this, the adult version comes with 600+ animations too! There are 5 main category of design and multi more variation under each, so there is surely one that you will like!

The Limitless Living Room comes with a nice detail rug and you can easily put it into a corner of your house like what Kitty did. She really enjoy having these much furniture at just 1 prim!

The Love Sofa, if Kitty must use 1 word to describe... It would be comfortable! See how Kitty is relaxing on the big sofa on her own!

Of course if you prefer a  brighter design, you can try this one which Kitty is using now. And guess what her friend shared a secret with her... There is no animal hurted in the making of the rug... It is not REAL zebra skin! :)

There are many poses around the living room and not all of them have you sitting on the sofa all the time. Enjoy the rug too, it is soft and warm even in the winter. Sit around and have nice chats with your closest friends!

Well, if you enjoy lying around and purring with friends like Kitty, then you will love this living room a lot. Kitty can spend her whole day lying around and joking and giggling with her friends about everything! 

There are other items you can rez including laptop and other stuff. Of course, one good idea is to have the sofa at the TV. Kitty is enjoying a scary horror flick with her friend for this Halloween. Plan to join us?

You can get this Adult Version of the Limitless Living Room at the marketplace at a discounted price of $950L now:

Check out a life demonstration at the PrimPossible store:

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