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Petit Chat's Womanly Charm

The Womanly Charm is the fourth outfit to be featured at the BOSL Fashionweek and it is a nice combo of a sweater and a short skirt in nice leathery finish. There is also a pair of leather high boots to go with it and it is all wrapped in straps!

This most catchy feature of this outfit is perhaps the high boots and I am sure you agree that it steals the show most of the time. The leather straps and buckets are so realistic that you feel like undoing it right?

The item is nice and especially in sims where there is good lighting and you can see it reflect off the top in perfect harmony. Kitty fit nicely into the Womanly Chamr because there are 6 sizes and more in slink and fitted alternatives.

Look at Kitty walk down the catwalk of the Halloween stage. Do you like how the sound the boot make on the hallow stone. It's time to show your womanly charms Kitty!

Grab this item at the BOSL Event:

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