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Petit Chat's Huntress Forever

This is the last outfit for the AW15 Event from Petit Chat and it is the Huntress Forever.

The Huntress Forever comes with a full size of accessories including a Crown, Eyelashes, a Bow as well as vines Decorations. Although it comes with a leather animal skin, Kitty thinks its probably synthetic and no animals are actually harmed.

Here is a close up of the leather pattern top and dress. It looks really good. Also notice the vines arm bands? They are a nice additional to the dress. Of course, it is also 100% organic vines.

Here is a back view as well as a view of the little bow. It is not a actually weapon though, but more for decorations.  It is resizable too! 

This is a close up of the Eyelashes. It does looks very beautiful right? This is like a set of leaves or butterflies. A great idea for the Halloween party!

Get the Huntress Forever at the AW15 Event:

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