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Petit Chat's Dream On

Dream On is a new dress from Petit Chat that feature a long red gown with a entwined black scarf over the top. It comes with a full set of accessories including necklace, bracelet, earrings and ring. All of which are in black pearl. Kitty feel this is a rather familiar look similar to dress of India.

The Black on Red combination always works and even better for Kitty. Look at how elegant and mysterious this is on the cool dark evening! If you look under the moonlight, you can even feel the pale moonlight reflect off the silky texture of the dress.

This is another picture showing you how smooth and detail the texture of the dress looks under even the dimmest of light. Kitty is literally bathing in the moonlight wearing Dream On.

Did I mentioned that there are lots of Black Pearl on the accessories. This show you just how much there are on the necklace, earrings and bracelet! The accessories goes well with the Dream On outfit, but it does not limit you to just wear it with Dream On. You are more than welcome to wear it with the rest of your dresses!

Dream on is one of the dress sold at the BOSL International Fashionweek and will be here for 1 month.

Grab your Dream On at :

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