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Kitty is Tomoe Gozen

Kitty has always wanted to cosplay as 巴御前 (Tomoe Gozen). She is the heroine warrior is Kitty's heart and maybe this is the first time, Kitty dresses up as a historical character. 

Tomoe is a really beautiful female warrior (not samurai... that title is reserved only for the guys unfortunately), but she is none the less skilled in combat and actually has never been defeated in several major combat in Japan history. Kitty like her because she possess both the strength and spirit of the warrior as well as the beauty and gentleness of a princess. 

Tomoe is both skilled archery and swordplay, but uses Naginata polearm instead. Kitty could only find a Naginata Katana, but it have to be then.

This is one armor Kitty has chosen to wear as Tomoe Gozen, but it is unlikely she would had worn such a heavy armor in history. She is probably in light and agile armor on horseback, when she is kicking asses.

Many people says the might of the warrior comes from his sword. In this case, Kitty believe it is true. The Naginata blade is none the less a strong and power katana, which can be really dangerous in the wrong hand. Watch Kitty slides the fly beside your ear now. Oops, but its ok.. those little bit of hair would grow back soon.

Kitty had remembered watching a play on Milky about Genpei war, but wasn't sure if she saw Tomoe being featured. But at least today, Kitty got a chance to live in her memory and experience some of the events she were in by reading. Kitty has also found English material for you:

There will be a surprise test next week on Tomoe Gozen! :) 

Tomoe was invincible on the horseback and Kitty has looked around for a long time, but not found the perfect horse. This is as close to a warhorse as Kitty can afford anyway. It was a gift. But riding on it, do you think the real Tomoe would related to Kitty? Kitty can only wondered as she rode the horse, slowly though the old Japan village.

I would like to thanks LR for providing the Naginata Katana for this cosplay. The outfit is from Bare Rose and I choose this instead of the Tomoe Gozen they had. But maybe someday I would try that outfit too.

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