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Brii Floripes

The Brii Floripes is a Dirndl style dress that is release right for the holidays! That is right, Dirndl is a country style dress in South Germany and it is the perfect style for Octoberfest!

For this October, Brii had made the Floripes available in Black, Blue and Red and naturally Kitty is showing you Black here. This is her favorite color. Notice the cute laces and bright pinkish lines and ribbon on the silk stocking. I would say nobody would not buy a beer from Kitty the Bartender.

Well if you are not drinking because you need to drive or something... At least have a game of pool with Kitty. This is the time to relax and have fun. The Floripes comes with a pair of black ribbons for the hair but its likely not obvious for Kitty since her hair is black. However, it is unlikely you will miss the cute Black Neck Bow.

Get yourself into the Octoberfest mood by getting a Brii Floripes:

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