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Brii Camille

Brii Camille is a Costume style theme dress in dark red and black, with a pretty necklace and a pair of red shoe for Slink.

Camille is very Gothic looking and in red and black is Kitty's favorite color. She looks just like a vampire queen dressed up on Camille.

Come, sit beside me. I am not going to take ALL your blood away... The Black and Red color are simply just very seductive and mysterious. Perfect for the Halloween season. Oh did I also mentioned that this is only $1L now as it is a gift in the Brii Halloween Hunt:

Take a look good... At the necklace and then the shoes... Aren't they beautiful. Yes, I know, so is Kitty's long leg, but that quite beside the point. Its getting quite hungry by the way, aren't you coming over soon? Kitty giggles...

Find the Camille in the hunt on Brii's Main Store:

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