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Womenstuff Hunt

The WomenStuff Hunt for 2015 is up and it runs until 30th September which is barely 10 days more only! After missing it for a few years, Kitty has completed it for this year!

It is an amazing journey of a 150 stores hunt, which has NO BROKEN LINKS! Can you believe it? 150 non-stop links to complete you hunt. No broken links, unavailable items etc. And some of the item is even FREE when other cost $1L.

But beware, this hunt is not going to be too simple. Some shops has clever decoys while other has ultra tiny items which you need to really look closely to find.

Kitty made a few new friends along the way and bought quite a lot of stuff honestly... So get ready you purse... :)

LMs and Hints:

Start the hunt at the first stop:

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