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The Renaissance Hunt V

This is one of the hunt that Kitty should had completed a long time ago but never got the time to. Finally, Kitty has completed this and to share this with you. There is still about 6 days left to complete it, so do hurry!

The Renaissance Hunt V had been one of Kitty's favorite and this year there are some surprises!
There is not just one, but 3 hunts in it and a history quiz which can win you an additional prize!
Firstly, there is the main hunt of 74 stores, then there is a mini hunt on one of the store with 16 stops! But Kitty is not going to tell you which one.

Lastly, there is a special acorn hunt, which is the item beside Kitty. Find 10 of those will give you 10 additional items!

And do not forget the history quiz about Queen Elizabeth! You are going to need a lot of resources and the Internet will be your friend!

If you did not get the notecard, it has stated that #56 is not working and has been dropped. And also #74 is the last stop, there is just a Thank You notecard inside and instructions for submitting your favorite stores!

LMs only. Hints will be in the store inself.

Start your hunt here:

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