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Petit Chat Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary is not just a cup of tomato juice... It is also Petit Chat's latest outfit. This is the latest entry into the Inspiration Event happening between 10-30th Sep at:

As the theme is dedicated to Lady Gaga, the White and Silver would never be left out! This is so bright as daylight that it outshine all the little lanterns on the pond. It also comes with a cool sunglasses so that your eyes are well protected in the summer sun. 

Very much like Lady Gaga, the dress is nothing but ordinary. It has a sexy top lace corset which is especially good if you have the figure! Even a simple cup of coffee being a really irresistible offer! 

But if you are into something more colorful, there is always the Pink which is as pink as a flamingo or the water pump here. :) Even the fan like head dress is pink! Now, do not just stand there and star, help Kitty get some water for so that we can make coffee already!

The silkiness of the skirt is the most prominent on the Pink version because it is bright and easily seen in the sun. Now if you are not too hot in the sun, why not join Kitty in this lazy sunny afternoon and enjoy tea while Kitty reads. 

Kitty is not sure if its her wish come true or Trinity has been listening to her thoughts, but there is always a Black and Red version! And Bloody Mary really looks gorgeous in Black and Red. Mysterious and Dangerous is the only 2 words that can be used to described the dress.

The dress comes in 5 sizes and you will definitely find one that fits you comfortably. There are even 2 alpha depending on which you prefer to fit better! Kitty is so comfortable that she can enjoy the swing in this dress. Does Kitty look like Lady Gaga? Well, you know the answer!

Grab this at the Inspiration SL event:

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