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LR Divian Armour

There are time when you needed a shield and how you wish you do not need to carry a 1 ton heavy (actually, just joking, but its probably about 20kg) Spartan shield. Well, this is LR answer to that call and it is a compact version name Divian Armour!

The armour comes in 4 pieces, left and right for both arm and legs. The Arms Bracer nicely fits on your forearm and covers it effectively while the legs shinguards protect the front of your legs against lower attacks. Kitty is all armed and ready to try out this armour in the arena!

The arm bracers are painted with a pattern that Kitty thinks its probably blessed or something because the undead skeleton in the back doesn't seems to be interested to come any nearer to Kitty. Also do note that this armour guard set is based on a shield system that is cleared from cheating and it will block any melee attacks as long as you have defense left on your meter. It has a 30% effectiveness against range attack too. I guess that is why you need the shinguard. It would be no joke having an arrow through your leg.

The armour comes with a HUD to resize and change color from a choice of 6 texture color and 7 (not 50) shades of grey from white to black to give it different darkness tone. You are bound to find one you like.

Do you like this Violent Divian Armour? Let's hope you will not be hitting it with your weapons because when Kitty is mad... KITTY is MAD if you scratch her $250L armour. She just got it!

Grab your Armour at LR Main Store:

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