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enMESHed into Fall 2015 Hunt

Its been a while since Kitty did a EmMESHed Hunt and this is just the first part of the Fall hunt... named enMeshed into Fall 2015. Although it may be advertised as a $0L hunt, some store do charge $1L, so get ready some changes in your purse and follow Kitty through the 52 Store (minus some broken and one particular RAPTURE which had withdrawn calling enMeshed a Fake... OMG!)

Full list of LMs and Hints:

Most of the places are easy and Kitty has only found one store which does not have an item. So, its a pity, this hunt is almost Perfect. :) But with Kitty's help, you do not need to waste your time on store:

  • 5-  {N} Nerdology – Find me by candlelight

After note : It turns out that the LM given in the old webpage was incorrect. The correct LM should be:

Here is a preview.. and a video says a lots more than a few thousands words! Trailer for part 2!

Start your hunt here:
Go to the HQ to grab your first LM! (Or cheat by going to the first store from link above, but Hunt HQ is recommended a visit!)

Kitty is moving into the second part of the hunt and would showcase the items if time permits.

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