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Camelot - The Quest

This is a hunt not widely publicized but nevertheless, highly recommended by Kitty. Firstly, it is because anything ran at Camelot must be cool! That is where Saber, I mean, King Arthur was.

In the 10 stop hunt where most of the things mentioned in the notecard will guide you through, you will meet all sort of people... and skeletons. This is how the treasure chest looks like for each stop.  

Not only will you fly, you will also swim deep into the underwater looking for sunken treasures and whales. Of course, Kitty also need to mention that there is a 11th bonus stop which you can get ... more treasures!

Once you finished it all, you will find lots of treasure and also the fabled Table Round of King Arthur. Isn't it cool to just sit on it? Kitty is a Knightess of the Table Round.

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