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Roots & Wings Clothing Pumpkin Hunt

Still ready to go for one more pumpkin hunt? Well, Kitty has one more for you before the end of September. Its the Roots & Wings Clothing Pumpkin Hunt. Its a simple 7 items hunt at $0L and there is only 1 hint : Go to the corners of the world! Its really simple and you get 7 nice item from the store for free, including steampunk boots, Nova Daisy Jacket and Pants to name two.

Start this hunt now and grab the items:

Read more about Roots & Wings Clothing:

The Hair Shedding Hunt


Here comes another hair hunt! Its The Hair Shedding Hunt by Adoness. Its going to be a wild hair day! Get ready $120 for 12 prizes at $10L each!

There are 2 colors in each prizes making a total of 24 hairs in total! They are all bold and colorful! Definitely a must for people who love to go at the frontier of fashion!

Tempted? Start you hunt for hair now!

Read more on the official blog:


Brii Filipa

The Brii is a Gangsta style outfit and Kitty has the Red version to show you today.

The outfit comes complete with shoes for slink and sunglasses to make you look cool.

There is also a gun to complete the outfit just in case you need it, against zombie and what not...Well Kitty has not put on all the accessories though... there are gloves, tattoos and so on, but you know Brii has always given you everything.

Here is a goodfront view of the outfit. Kitty seems to be a bad fit for the hat because of her pointy ears, but I guess it should look good otherwise. Look at the cute tie... you don't get many of those nowadays.

This outfit is available at Brii at $1L now for a limited period:

Camelot - The Quest

This is a hunt not widely publicized but nevertheless, highly recommended by Kitty. Firstly, it is because anything ran at Camelot must be cool! That is where Saber, I mean, King Arthur was.

In the 10 stop hunt where most of the things mentioned in the notecard will guide you through, you will meet all sort of people... and skeletons. This is how the treasure chest looks like for each stop.  

Not only will you fly, you will also swim deep into the underwater looking for sunken treasures and whales. Of course, Kitty also need to mention that there is a 11th bonus stop which you can get ... more treasures!

Once you finished it all, you will find lots of treasure and also the fabled Table Round of King Arthur. Isn't it cool to just sit on it? Kitty is a Knightess of the Table Round.

Start this hunt at:


Botanica Trick or Treat! Hunt 2015

The annual Botanica Trick or Treat! Hunt 2015 is finally open now! Kitty can't wait to get in... waiting at gate! The hunt will again involves a lot of dying... So please be very prepared...

Oops... Knew I shouldnt (or should in this case for the hunt) touch the stone...

Errpppks!!! Spiders... Help!

Still very confused if this is going to be exorcist or alien abduction...

Damn it... I do not want to die beside these weird dwarfs... 

Let me go... How many times do I need to tell you I am not Joan of Arc!!!

Ok, this I am going to love... Apples! Wait.. Is that an iphone at the bottom?...

This is not the first time Kitty get her foruntate told. Funny how it changes everytime though... Maybe it has something to do with Karma...

At the end of the hunt, remember to come back to the store to pick your choice of items. Kitty has almost all of it I think...

Start your hunt now at Botanica:

The Renaissance Hunt V

This is one of the hunt that Kitty should had completed a long time ago but never got the time to. Finally, Kitty has completed this and to share this with you. There is still about 6 days left to complete it, so do hurry!

The Renaissance Hunt V had been one of Kitty's favorite and this year there are some surprises!
There is not just one, but 3 hunts in it and a history quiz which can win you an additional prize!
Firstly, there is the main hunt of 74 stores, then there is a mini hunt on one of the store with 16 stops! But Kitty is not going to tell you which one.

Lastly, there is a special acorn hunt, which is the item beside Kitty. Find 10 of those will give you 10 additional items!

And do not forget the history quiz about Queen Elizabeth! You are going to need a lot of resources and the Internet will be your friend!

If you did not get the notecard, it has stated that #56 is not working and has been dropped. And also #74 is the last stop, there is just a Thank You notecard inside and instructions for submitting your favorite stores!

LMs only. Hints will be in the store inself.

Start your hunt here:


Allhallow’s Showcase Festival

This is a festival where 12 of the very best fantasy creators were asked to pick their favorites items for showcasing in tents. At the same time, there is a mini hunt going on where there are 14 items to be found. Well because 2 of the creators is nice to give 2 items.

Well, even if you are not buying anything... Just the cute houses is worth the visit right?

I must say.. Even the decorations are impressive.

OMG. I hope Kitty won't be dragged into hell for taking a photo with the creepy old lady...

Visit the Festival now:


Fishing For Seahorses Hunt

This is a fast and small hunt for 10 missing seahorses in a single sim. Please find them before the fishes eats them away! That is why this is call "fishing for Seahorses"!

You will need at least 6 of the items to form the final prize which is a full jogging outfit as show by Kitty now, including the shoes top and bottoms. It comes with appliers too and that is why if you do not need the applier, you do not need all 10 of the prizes. 

Oh, and there is a giftcard in one of the prizes too! Time for shopping! No, wait, I mean Jogging! Let's go Kitty!

Start the hunt at:


Shaun The Sheep Hunt

Have you heard of Shaun the sheep? Now there is a hunt based on the popular tv show (and a movie too). And it is a simple 10+ stop hunt which you might find something you like. Kitty did not complete all, but visited selected stores for items which she thinks she would use. Afterall, this is a $2L hunt...

Decora Dolls has something cute and it is a Shaun the Sheep necklace... Kitty think its very cute.

What do you think? It even comes with a cassette tape. But it's probably going to be tough finding a player though...

LMs and Prizes preview:


Vivid Dream Hunt Sep 2015

Needless to say, the poster already said it. This is an Adult themed hunt. And in the first place, Kitty's blog is adult rated. :) Well, Kitty do not do a lot of adult hunt, so she thought why not today and this is a short and sweet 21 stops hunts (or so, because it depends on the linked LMs in each prizes and there are some jumps).

The only thing to take note is that the last stop - Vendom is actually the same LM as the first in the opposite direction:

The LMs given in the prizes for #20 will send you to a protected area where you will be booted... Kitty was booted twice before she is convinced its the wrong place... hehehe :)

This really cute poster caught Kitty's eye actually. Neko. Bells, Blue Collar. Kitty would just do the hunt for this! And indeed that the prize wasn't disappointing... It comes even with the RLV and non-RLV version!

Kitty thinks it does very well with her purple witchy dress, don't you think?

Prizes preview is available from the blog:

Start your hunt at:

enMESHed into Fall 2015 Hunt

Its been a while since Kitty did a EmMESHed Hunt and this is just the first part of the Fall hunt... named enMeshed into Fall 2015. Although it may be advertised as a $0L hunt, some store do charge $1L, so get ready some changes in your purse and follow Kitty through the 52 Store (minus some broken and one particular RAPTURE which had withdrawn calling enMeshed a Fake... OMG!)

Full list of LMs and Hints:

Most of the places are easy and Kitty has only found one store which does not have an item. So, its a pity, this hunt is almost Perfect. :) But with Kitty's help, you do not need to waste your time on store:

  • 5-  {N} Nerdology – Find me by candlelight

After note : It turns out that the LM given in the old webpage was incorrect. The correct LM should be:

Here is a preview.. and a video says a lots more than a few thousands words! Trailer for part 2!

Start your hunt here:
Go to the HQ to grab your first LM! (Or cheat by going to the first store from link above, but Hunt HQ is recommended a visit!)

Kitty is moving into the second part of the hunt and would showcase the items if time permits.

Kiyomizu Autumn Treasure Hunting 2015

Once again, the Kiyomizu hunt has start for Autumn 2015! And the ninja cats are at their mischief hiding in all sort of shops... Its time to round them up and at the moment now, there are 58 cats to be caught. (Kitty thinks its 57, one of the cat cannot be found at #31).

The format of the hunt has changed this round and we are no longer looking for the big cube in the sky!

Instead, you will need to find one of these cute little ghost and click on them to allow you to open up a webpage ,which you use to track your hunt progress. Yes, no HUD is required and its all free!

The rest of the instructions are the same as Kitty has posted before in 2013:

This time, there are also lots to see and Kitty brought her camera along which she is hunting!

Wow! A Police Robot... I thought this only happens in anime!

I want this! I want this! But its not for sale ... :( I can only take a photo then.... Meow

Many stores has already prepared for Halloween and has very nice deco in their shops!

And Kitty takes a picture with Kitty! Wish everyone full of happiness and joy!

Start the Kiyomizu Autumn Hunt at:

Womenstuff Hunt

The WomenStuff Hunt for 2015 is up and it runs until 30th September which is barely 10 days more only! After missing it for a few years, Kitty has completed it for this year!

It is an amazing journey of a 150 stores hunt, which has NO BROKEN LINKS! Can you believe it? 150 non-stop links to complete you hunt. No broken links, unavailable items etc. And some of the item is even FREE when other cost $1L.

But beware, this hunt is not going to be too simple. Some shops has clever decoys while other has ultra tiny items which you need to really look closely to find.

Kitty made a few new friends along the way and bought quite a lot of stuff honestly... So get ready you purse... :)

LMs and Hints:

Start the hunt at the first stop:


Witchy Witching!

Its Halloween and Kitty is thinking... This is witching time! So she got herself a cute little witch at M&M... It is very cute, but a but small though... So Kitty... cooked a grow potion for her... (Actually Kitty asked the creator...:P)

Now there is a cute witch guarding Kitty's nice little house for her... Thanks to the creator for making such a cute Witch! Be sure to take photos when you come for Halloween this year!

The little version which comes in 6 colorst at $10L with hug animation can be purchase from M&M at:


Free Bird Books-By-You Gacha Collection

Free Bird is having yet another Free-For-All now and this is something not to be missed by bookworms or not!

There is a book collection base which looks really cute and all and all the books are actually added when you get the book itself. 

The book base itself holds 12 or 16 books and there are 12 type of book base. You can get 1 every 12 hours!

As for books, there are a lot collection and make sure you grab yours every 2 hours!

Grab your own books today!


LR Asbjorn Sword

LR has another new sword out! Even better, it is a set of sword and shield, at no additional charge at $600L! Let Kitty show you how awesome this Asbjorn Sword is. And heavy too :(

When sheath, the shapr blade is kept in a nice scabbard where you can hold in your hand or sling to the back as you can see later. This is a good safety measure so that you do not cut yourself by a mistake when handling it. The scabbard is free by the way. It is also very beautifully crafted. The shield will go nicely on your back. Although sheath it could possibly block a unknowing arrow which might hit you on your back. Well, not on meter anyway, you have to RP that part and its fully justified.

When drawn, the sword fits nicely onto your hand. Believe me, the heaviness is worth it as it function as a full shield and can be draw / sheath together with the sword or separately. Kitty prefer them together so that she can quickly get into a fight. It's a good day to draw some blood. And yes, did Kitty forget to mention that there are bloodstain on the sword too, but of course you can disable that for lag or less gore, whichever your reason. 

A hidden function of the shield... It can be use to block sunlight so that it does not mess up all the nice makeup Kitty had spent the whole morning putting on. Well, not sure how it would work in the rain, but Kitty is not planning to find out...

The Asbjorn sword feature all the nice extras from a LR weapons such as low lag, high performance and has 17 realistic animations which Kitty wish she could show you. The shield comes in 3 different texture, the wraps and leather has 3 and 2 texture respectively too. That is quite a lot of different texture to have fun with.

Remember what Kitty said about the big shield and sword... This is how it looks from behind. Now, do you agree it is quite difficult to ambush Kitty because of the protection the shield has provided? Hai, what are you doing with that bow and arrow? You want your blood on the new Asbjorn Sword?
Get your own weapons at LR!

Visit the store and try not to steal from other players at LR:


Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.