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Prim Possible Group Gift - 1 Prim Unlimited Decor Prim

Kitty has recently came upon the store known as Prim Possible. It is not the first time Kitty has heard of the store and in fact Kitty probably had used or bought from the store long time ago. Kitty however was attracted by the discount this time and bought some items. But that is left for another post. What Kitty want to share with you now is something that everyone can get for FREE! Well, all you need is 1 group space!

Prim Possible is well known for 1 thing. Yes, 1 prim! It is just amazing how the furnitures from beds to even the full kitchen can be done with 1 prim. For a small house that Kitty owns, this make perfect sense. And now the price seems reasonable for Kitty to own some of these.

But to give you an idea what Prim Possible is capable of, come join the group at the LM and grab this group gift. It is the "1 Prim Unlimited Decor Prim". In short, it can be one of the 500+ 1 Prim items that Prim Possible had created in this 1 object. Isn't that amazing?

From plants, rugs, lamps to even tables and artwork. It can be yours and you can change it anytime you like. What's the catch? Oh, the group gift is not copyable. So you get 1 of them at anything. But I think its a fair gift to demonstrate how powerful 1 prim can be. This is in contrast to a pretty bad experience Kitty had owning a castle that is about 400 prims and is actually pretty useless in the past.

So, if in the end, you ask yourself, what if I want more and more of this? The answer is here.
Yes, that is the marketplace link for the copy version which cost $800L. But I am sure you will agree its actually a very very fair price for this item. Now there is no excuse to be without furnitures in your little house.

Note the blue board which you can join the group. Then click the black board for your gift!

Oh, by the way, the owner was really nice and gave Kitty a nice bouquet of flowers while she was in the store. Now, if you are curious what Kitty bought, I can give you a hint. It has more than 1100 animations in it and its like 33% of its original price (its more than half price for those who are lazy with Maths!). Well, stay tune. The answer will be coming up soon on another post!

Come grab your group and group gift here:

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