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LR Spine Bow

Ever wonder what happens after the Predator pulls out the skull and spine of its victim or what do Sub Zero do with his prize from his fatalities? Well, here is one possible explanation. A Spine Bow. Although in real life, the human spine is probably as fragile as glass, we did not said this came from a human. :) Kitty presents LR Spine Bow from the Elite Series.

The bow comes in a total of 4 pieces , including 2 sheath version, one without a bow, the drawn bow as well as a realistic butt sling back quiver. In case you are very interested in the realistic use of bow in history, Kitty would like to take this chance to introduce you to Lars Andersen, a modern Master Archer who would explain why the butt sling is probably a better and more realistic way how real archers held their arrows. 

By the way, Kitty is trained in Kyudo, the Japanese art of Archery, so it would be a bad idea to be within her sight of the arrow tip.

The bow is simple to say, magnificently build to look like the spine of an old enemy and it feel right in the hand of both male and female archers. You can see both version of the quivers here too on Kitty's back. It is not obvious, but the texture of the quiver can be changed too to one of the 8 designs you see on the board.

There are 9 memories bank and since this is an Elite weapon from LR, it has all the advance feature of a bow, including triggers, speed variation and detail reports. It comes with the ArrowsHud and Delay Tester too, so you have all the tools to do your own tweaking to your archery skills. In addition, try out the  tracking radar which is totally awesome even in sims when map is not available.

Take a closer look at the Spine Bow and you will notice how it looks like on your back when it is being sheathed. Judging from the number of arrows Kitty is carrying, you can be sure you will look like a porcupine if you cross her today. Looks does intimidates in this case.

You can buy this awesome Spine Bow without having to tear it off some poor soul's body at LR Weapons:

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