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LR Hasani Claws

At each month, there is a We Love Roleplay event where many roleplayers from all over will visit and shops and vendors will bring their item, some with a discount to the fair. LR is one of them and this time they brought a innocent looking bracelet name Hasani Claws. 

Although it look like its nothing much on the hand, do not be deceived by its innocent look. It has slave or pickaxe damage and in some sim such as Jungle of Sin where these groups of photo were taken, it does the full melee damage as any other melee weapons without the weight. Well pay attention to the claws here, the bow is described in another post. :) Ever wonder if the claw and bow adds together as a lethal close + far range combo? Yes, it does.

The Hasani Claws has both hand version and it can be a shield on the left hand too. There are 13 in build animation which is a pity again that Kitty cannot show it here. It includes all the autofire, low lag and other features typical of LR weapons.

Notice the white diamond armament in the middle? It can be changed to 10 different colors and the chain itself has 6 texture to choose from. Kitty is try hard to show it to you as close as possible without actually scratching you with it. Isn't it pretty? Well, a girl got to look pretty and be dangerous at the same time.

At the fair, the price has been reduced to $375L only!
Grab this at the We Love Roleplay Event :

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