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Brii Engracia

The Brii Engracia is one of the prize of the Brii Hunt August which Kitty had talked about at:

It is a nice silky white dress with flowery folds and top. And like most other Brii's outfit, it comes with a pair of shoe for Slink High.

Summer is a time for camp fire and nice cooling flowery dress. This is one where you can wear it without feeling guilty of over exposure and yet still fit for the heat. Of course, Kitty is not planning to test if the dress is fire proof. You are also strongly discourage from doing so. :)  

The flowers on the dress is a attractions to butterflies and you can tell from the trails of them. So this is probably not a good dress to play hide and seek in, but still, look at the texture and you can understand why butterflies mistaken them as real. The dress has a high detail mesh that confuses even the wisest butterflies.

Grab the Brii Engracia at the Hunt at Brii Main Store:

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