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Bare Rose The Lonely King and the Dragon Hunt

The new Bare Rose Hunt has started and this time it is an interesting story about a King and a Dragon. There are lots of prices in this hunt including 3 complete Avatars and 1 of them are avaialble in both male and female versions.

Kitty has always fancy sitting on the throne on day and today she has her wish granted. Even though there isn't a thousands swords on it, this throne definitely feels a lot better. Do you notice that 
Kitty is wearing the King's Armor Female Version?

Even the bravest of the kings (or queens) will experience Dragon Fear. It comes from the magic and the size of the Dragon. Kitty finally had her chance meeting one today at the hunt. Fortunately it will not be a fatal encounter.

There is yet another outfit name "Dress of Scholar" and it comes in a complete white silky outfit and even comes with a wand to go with it. It is not just beautiful, it is very elegant. Kitty loves the horns on the outfit!

The King's Armor comes with a beautiful sword and you can be sure that Kitty will stop anyone evil that comes to harm! Talk to my sword! 

During the hunt, you will visit many beautiful places. Even the tombs of the First King seems so majestic that Kitty can't help feeling stunned.

There are lots of treasure and you must be guessing what is the 3rd Avatar. That is a mystery that Kitty prefer you to solve on your own. But the hint has been shown above.

Enjoy you hunt and remember to go for the final extra hunt in order to get the weapons and extras.
There is also a story book which you can fill up with pictures. You can even make one for your friend!

Start your hunt at Bare Rose:

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