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Petit Chat Deuce

Deuce is a new dress by Petit Chat for the Sneak Peak Event. It is a simple dress which comes with a Tattoo!

The simple dress is really a good contrast especially in the sunset. Kitty enjoy how it feels under the warm sunlight just before dark.

The dress has a very good texture and I am sure you can even feel the nice texture against Kitty's skin.

If Black and White is not your thing, there is always Plum which looks a bit purple-ish and somehow Kitty has discovered that it doesn't even flip over when you are upside down. Is that cool or what?

Kitty is wearing the nice Tattoo on her back for you. Do you like it? It is really nice because the dress is fully customized to showcase this tattoo or whatever tattoo you have on your back.

Or try Peach-Blue? It has a nice color spectrum. And Kitty is enjoying herself sitting by the campfire. Notice how the material reacts to the lighting from the campfire?  

Do not mistake this as the same dress as the Black on White... This is White on Black. It is just the opposite and if you are a fan of Black like Kitty, you might prefer more Black than White. Still the same contrast, but in a totally different color combination.

Kitty is going to lie down on the hanging bed soon, in her dress, but before she do that, she would love to know which one you prefer best?
This dress is available at the Sneak Peak event which runs now until 5th August:

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