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Petit Chat Dentellies for Apply Me!

Petit Chat has a new item and this item is for the Apply Me! Event held between 10-20th July at:

As the poster suggest, this is an event for Mesh body from all vendors including Maitreya, Slink, Omega, Belleza and TMP.

Anyway, back to this item, its a cute Bikini set consisting of a top and bottom in 8 colors and if you have the FAT pack, feel free to mix and match them to give you a total of 64 combinations.

A day at the beach... I mean the lighthouse is always cooling in a purple corset set with panties. I hope those guys at the lighthouse do their job instead of abusing the telescope watching Kitty.

There is a lighter purple-white combinations if you prefer a brighter outfit. And certainly it looks good on very fair skin such as Kitty's.

There are brighter colors options instead of purple of course. For example, cyan-green? I hope Kitty doesn't get swept away by the wave...

Green is the natural color and there is nothing more natural than bring in green relaxing in the tropical in the warm evening. Kitty wondered if anyone is counting the stars with her now.

Black and white is always a brave and challenging colors for outfit, but this applier got it just nice. Even the statue can't help crying at its perfection. :) But it is seriously quite a task to get this working for appliers. And not just 1. Great job at that.

If the sun is so bright, it doesn't hurt for a little darker with purple-black. But it doesn't make Kitty's mood any darker of course. She is so happily dancing with it in the warm waters.

And how can we forget a white with little purple. It looks almost like lavender in the background. Kitty is going to win the hide and seek. Wait? What? There is nobody playing ghost?

Red-Black is always Kitty's favorite and the picture explains itself. It is now a question whether Kitty look good in Dentellies or Dentellies looks good on Kitty.

Grab this at  the Event or at Petit Chat after the event:

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