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LR Tenarashi-Gata Fan

LR Weapons has recently release a new colorful and deadly fan for assassin or simply fan lovers. It is a pair of fan which is able to do multiple damage type from pickaxe to slave and supports many features such as auto fire, triggers and stances.

The fan, when sheath is totally concealed and there is not way to tell if you are armed. Not visually at least, but once its unleashed, it might be too late. Powerful metal spine of the fan is really going to hurt. What's more? The fan even comes with RP Doors, Ladder and Grapples. Escaping would be a lot easier. After that job is done of course. :)

The fan comes with a beautiful painted art and it perfect even just as a demonstration fan dance. Watch the cutting edges though...

Still want to mess with Kitty? Think again. There are 2 fans and the one on the left hand can be a shield or simply for decoration for fairness purposes.

Grab this beautiful fan at:

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