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LR Mystical Klaive

The Mystical Klaive from LR is a klaive with nice atonements on it with a central weaving very much like the Dreamcatcher. You bet it is infused with magic!

After showcasing so much of weapon, Kitty finally get to show you one suitable for the non melee classes like mages and healers. Although the klaive did not come with its own magic, its always easy to combine it with a spell HUD such as Wishmaster or Books of Shadows. It is also design to be light weight, but still deliver a painful slave damage if required to be used in melee.

While the staff did not manage to summon a dark god, Kitty still find it useful as a walking aid and she really like the mystical design on it. It does clearly send the message : Hei, don't mess with me, I am a POWERFUL mage. :P

Actually, despite the nice and friendly look, the klaive does come with a non-slave version in the same box and it does sword or axe damages as well. So stand back, while Kitty swings her klaive. People can get hurt, really badly. There are multiple stances (4 of them including a rest one) which Kitty would prefer to keep it secret so that you will not know when she is going to attack. :)

This is one of the favorite weapon and you can tell because Kitty has even put on her dusty Dark Moon robes to take these photos for you.

Grab this at LR Main Store :

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