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LR Bushbow

LR Weapons has just released a new Bushbow thats comes with not 1 but 4 colors - Red, Green, Carbon and Wood. Fans of the upcoming The Hunger Game should love bows and arrow (but so does the Robin Hood fans too!)

As you can see, the bow can be colored easily using the build in HUD, together with the quiver. It is easily drawn and sheath just like all the rest of the quality bows from LR and features similar functions like Anti-Cheat, low lag etc

Beside on your back, the quiver can also be sling to your feet. It is a more graceful practice for girls, at least that is what Kitty supposes. Moreover its easier to reach for the arrows.  

The Red Bushbow goes perfectly well with this red outfit and it definitely serves its purpose as protection for Kitty. It would definitely be a bad idea to cross Kitty today.

When the bow is sheath it can be held onto your back nicely and comfortable. The jungle used to be a safer place... But not anymore. But it will change when Kitty is back with her new toy...

Grab this Bushbow at LR Main Store at:

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