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Brii Donata Summer 2016

The Donata is a set of 2 Swimsuit - Black and Summer 2016. While one is a pure color, the other is colorful and bright. Both bikinis comes with its own shoe in matching colors.

Kitty has been recently into a lot of reading and there is nowhere more comfortable to read than the beach. In beachware! Luckily she gotten the Donata. It is just so comfortable and bright.

Can you see how colorful the Summer 2016 version is, especially the sandals! It is a nice day to hang out at the sea with Kitty. But you better be in a swimsuit! 

What is swimware if you do not actually go swimming in it. Here goes... Swimming is never dull with such a colorful bikini. It seems to  be the only thing that catches attention here.

The Black version of Donata is striking as well especially on pale skin like those of Kitty's.

Can you see the shoe looks very nice too, a perfect match to the black swimsuit. Too bad Kitty is not wearing her favorite black hair today... Long story...

Here is a back view of the bikini. It is nothing less than sexy. Oh, did you notice that? Its a dolphin! There... Stop starring at my butt!

Grab your sexy swimsuit at the Brii Bikini Hunt which Kitty had talked about at:

Start at Brii Main Store:

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