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Brii Emma Red

The Emma Red is a really red and hot dress themed for the summer. This summer is really going to get a lot hotter. (Sweat)

That is why it is a good time to cool down in the water. Brii's outfit had always been known for the complete accessories and this one comes with nice necklace, bracelets and did I mentioned there is a big red Hibisc flower too!

But the outfit is still cool enough to just sit down and chill or fish like Kitty. Put on the nice Red bordered sunglasses and Kitty is really showing off that nice tattoo from the outfit. Now, would guys be more interested in the big fish she is about to catch or not?

Find Emma in Red or other colors at Brii Main Store:

Brii at The Aloha Fair

Kitty visited The Aloha Fair recently and Brii Underground Wear is one of the store showcasing their summer and really hot outfit there too!

There is a gift at $1L at the fair sold by Brii which is the Purple version of the Ethel Aloha Sunmer Style. Naturally Kitty grabbed it!

It is a nice purple dress that cover just quite enough and yet still leaves it so very cooling for the summer!

And like other Brii's outfit, there are complete with accessories. This ones comes with a pair of nice shades as well as a nice purple flower for your hair to match the outfit. It is all you need for this summer!

Visit Brii at The Aloha Fair at:


Petit Chat Laces and Strings

The Laces and Strings is another outfit Petit chat has designed for the Sneak Peek Event. It comes in 4 different color - Rosy Pink, Cherry, Sky and Gold.

Let's start with the Rosy Pink. It is a pinkish dress with a nice texture on it covering most part of it. It is quite fitting and certainly looks good.

Here is the close up of the front and it is hold up by the cute string, thus the name. 

And here is Sky. It is a blueish dress with similar texture, but less contrasting for those who like something a bit more mild. And somehow Kitty has found that the material is water-proof as well.

Kitty do want to point out that Sky stands out very much. So it is not a good dress to be in during hide and seek...

Cherry is one of Kitty's favorite because it has the Red-Black combo. The texture is still there, but the nice contrast come more from the Red vs Black on the laces and sides.

It is fortunately that Kitty is not with the bulls, but with the horses. BTW, its a myth bull charges at Red. Even so, the horses are getting a bit too friendly... Surely, they would not chew on red dresses, unless they think its berries or something...

The last one is Gold, which is a mixture of goldish green with a strong contrast on the texture. It is a real good dress to be in for dances and all. Well, this looks like a good dress to be playing hide and seek in the natural. Well, where is everyone else?

Here is a close view of the texture and if you have the equipment, make sure to turn on the ultra and details in order to show the textures! Tempted to get one yourself yet?

It's not going to burn a hole in your purse, so check out Sneak Peek now at:

Petit Chat Deuce

Deuce is a new dress by Petit Chat for the Sneak Peak Event. It is a simple dress which comes with a Tattoo!

The simple dress is really a good contrast especially in the sunset. Kitty enjoy how it feels under the warm sunlight just before dark.

The dress has a very good texture and I am sure you can even feel the nice texture against Kitty's skin.

If Black and White is not your thing, there is always Plum which looks a bit purple-ish and somehow Kitty has discovered that it doesn't even flip over when you are upside down. Is that cool or what?

Kitty is wearing the nice Tattoo on her back for you. Do you like it? It is really nice because the dress is fully customized to showcase this tattoo or whatever tattoo you have on your back.

Or try Peach-Blue? It has a nice color spectrum. And Kitty is enjoying herself sitting by the campfire. Notice how the material reacts to the lighting from the campfire?  

Do not mistake this as the same dress as the Black on White... This is White on Black. It is just the opposite and if you are a fan of Black like Kitty, you might prefer more Black than White. Still the same contrast, but in a totally different color combination.

Kitty is going to lie down on the hanging bed soon, in her dress, but before she do that, she would love to know which one you prefer best?
This dress is available at the Sneak Peak event which runs now until 5th August:



The Kusco is an outfit by Brii Underground Wear. It is a nice bright red and yellow dress with lots of ribbons.

Aren't she cute? What? No it's not the fox! I mean Kitty in the cute Kusco! It does come with a yellow tiny panties, so no worries about sitting down.

So, what do you think of it? The red and yellow dress is cute and it's also the perfect dress to be in to cheer up your days. It is fluffy high and Kitty had so much fun twirling around.

For a limited time, this dress is on the Lucky Chair at Brii:


Brii Elise

Elise is a black outfit with checked skirt themed for school girls. The naughty type! It comes with a pair of matching shoes too.

Does waiting for the school bus need to be boring? Of course not! Look at playful Kitty playing and dancing in front of the bus in the Elise outfit. It is sexy and hot!

Well it doesn't mean you can't be quiet and look cool in the shades and the cute mini skirt. That is exactly what Kitty is doing at the bus stop. What? The bus is gone. Oh well, she will wait for the next one.

High heels and black stockings combined with a short skirt is sure to catch everyone's attention. Care to give Kitty some direction around the school?

Grab this outfit free for a limited time at Brii Main Store:


Brii Donata Summer 2016

The Donata is a set of 2 Swimsuit - Black and Summer 2016. While one is a pure color, the other is colorful and bright. Both bikinis comes with its own shoe in matching colors.

Kitty has been recently into a lot of reading and there is nowhere more comfortable to read than the beach. In beachware! Luckily she gotten the Donata. It is just so comfortable and bright.

Can you see how colorful the Summer 2016 version is, especially the sandals! It is a nice day to hang out at the sea with Kitty. But you better be in a swimsuit! 

What is swimware if you do not actually go swimming in it. Here goes... Swimming is never dull with such a colorful bikini. It seems to  be the only thing that catches attention here.

The Black version of Donata is striking as well especially on pale skin like those of Kitty's.

Can you see the shoe looks very nice too, a perfect match to the black swimsuit. Too bad Kitty is not wearing her favorite black hair today... Long story...

Here is a back view of the bikini. It is nothing less than sexy. Oh, did you notice that? Its a dolphin! There... Stop starring at my butt!

Grab your sexy swimsuit at the Brii Bikini Hunt which Kitty had talked about at:

Start at Brii Main Store:

Brii Sea Princess

The Brii Sea Princess is a uniquely beautiful blue gown with complete set of accessories including a Tiara, choker and pairs of bracelets and earrings. It may not be My Little Mermaid, but it definitely stands out in the dull deep ocean.  

Look at how accessories sparkles and shine on Kitty. It makes Kitty a princess in its own way. There is a HUD for the socks that comes with the shoe pair to match your skin color. In addition, it can adjust the sizes and light values too.

There is no doubt this is a great outfit to be in, under water or not. But guess what? This outfit is FREE now at the lucky chair at Brii Main Store!

What are you waiting for? Grab it before its gone at:

Brii Bikini Hunt

The Brii Bikini is live now and its time to dig out that $10L from your purse for the 10 fabulous bikinis you can get from this hunt.

This hunt will last until 11 August, so hurry! Start your hunt at:

P.S. Kitty will be wearing some of them for you soon... As soon as she gets her tan... :)


Petit Chat Dragonborn with Sleeves

Well, its not really yet another update, but mostly due to an oversight of Kitty, when she forgotten to enable the left/right arm clothing layers on her Slink in the previous post:

Well on the plus side, Kitty did show you a way to get a "sleeveless" version of Dragonborn without paying an extra $L at all. Kitty wonders if it works so well with just any applier, so she is just lucky with this one. 

Anyway, instead of just showing you the 4 colors with sleeves... Kitty is going to mix them up and show you the 4 Dragonborn with sleeves and you can see its quite beautiful when paired together! 

If you haven't guess the first one, Kitty is disappointed with you. It's Green top with Blue bottom. So this one is just the reverse. Notice how the colors contrast with each other? It makes this slow boat ride rather colorful!

Pink and Red are 2 colors that probably would not go wrong. And proven once again here that it doesn't. The darker Red on top is just well balanced with the cheerful and lighter Pink on the skirt. You do not need to be too serious or too fun all the  time.

What is summer without some splashing of water? And the Dragonborn is never afraid of water.
The last combination shown here is Pink top with Red Skirt. Kitty feel like a fresh red apple in a bowl of water! Of course there are more combinations, but Kitty will let you go find out for yourself which other ones are good and which one is her favorite!

Same place to buy it and remember, you can get the sleeveless ones just by not applying the left/right arm layer (tested on Slink only, and only in 2.0):


Kitty visits The Hair Fair 2015

After days of trying, Kitty finally got into The Hair Fair 10 or 2015. Its the 10th time this annual event is held and expect to see... lots  of great hair!

The event is huge and covers 4 sims. Even so, it wasn't easy getting it.

There is a DIY Prim Bus which you click, rez and use the build in move object function to move around. Well, do not complain because its free.

Notice all the stores behind Kitty? All of them are put into building that look like shopping bags! Aren't that cute?

Well, grab your wallet and be prepare to buy some good hair:

Visit the official blog for more information:


Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.