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Petit Chat Nonsense for Sneak Peak

Petit Chat has release another green dress for the Sneak Peek event and Kitty has the honor of wearing it and showing it to you in advance. Here it is anyway.

Green is one of the color Kitty feels she never do well in it ( plus, she dislike Green actually ). So Kitty is just going to be shy for the first picture, showing the back of the dress as she play piano for you. Hopefully the music would distract you... :P

Well, the one word that come to mind to describe this dress is "Wavey". Well, that is actually no such word as Kitty found out about a minute ago when it was highlighted by the spell checker. But it does feel like you are dancing in the green warm waters in the tropical wearing this dress. In fact, the flowery head dress adds to this feeling. Almost like Hawaii, but with a little less aloha in it.

Why is the dress call "Nonense"? Kitty had wondered as the texture is highly detail, like waves and water. But it is in Green. Perhaps that is why it is called Non - Sense. Water should be blue. ( Well, to be honest, Water is indeed green in some part of Japan due to the back lighting from the sea weed ). But as you can see from just 3 picture, the dress is obviously not nonsense as it can be worn in official parties and many other occasion. In fact, Kitty showed it off during one of her Disco Dance Party at Kitty Cat Box.

This dress is Petit Chat's showcase at the Sneak Peek, so you are encourage to grab it there while the even is on. After which, it may be available at the Main store, but I would not count on it. :)

Grab this Nonsense at this at Sneak Peek :

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