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Brii Anuket

Anuket is a nice mesh complete outfit from Brii Underground Wear and it is available on the Lucky Chairs now!

Brii is fully complete Mesh outfit consisting of multi pieces including Tuxedo, Waist Shorts, High Booots and make up. Kitty did not put on the make up, but otherwise you can see how nice the Black outfit looks on Kitty. It is extremely sexy too, don't you agree?

The high boots with stockings is great for any occasion and it score really high on the 绝对邻域 in Japan :) Its a measurement of stocking!

Here is a bright image of Anuket. It looks good in daylight too, so its not just for the night party. Well, I am sure it would look good on you too, day or night!

Grab it at the Lucky Chairs at Brii Main Store:

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