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Free Bird Garden Wisdom Free-For-All

Free Bird is having yet another Free-For-All again and this time its the Garden Wisdom Sign which comes in 7 favors as show in the signboard above. 

Kitty find that maybe Winnie may love all these signs so she had put all of them with her... It is move lively now isn't it?

Grab your sign here (one every 6 hours):


Free Bird Southwestern Copper Art Gacha

This is another Free-for-all event at Free Bird where you can get one of these nice Southwestern Copper Art for free once every 6 hours! Bring your friends along and try to complete them all before they are gone!

Do you think the arts looks good on Kitty's wall?

Grab your Copper Art (after joining the group!)

Petit Chat A Warm Place

The material on this sexy cocktail dress is from Petit Chat and it feature at the Sneak Peak event in Penumbra. Kitty has the privilege to try it out for you in advance!

Look at how well Kitty blend in with this sim's environment. And what a cute hat!

The dress is incredible comfortable and it good no matter if you are standing, sitting or even lying down. Because it is take from a photograph based on the "Fragments" exhibition at Petit Chat ArtGallery, it almost steal the show from the painting in the back behind Kitty.

Still not convinved? Try the taking a walk with Kitty along the pond in this dress and see how well it shines in the rays of the sun. 

A Warm Place dress are available at the Sneak Peak Event at Penumbra:

Petit Chat Sunny Dress at Sneak Peak Event For Penumbra

Petit Chat is one of the VIP designer at the Sneak Peak Event at Penumbra and there is a new dress name Sunny being released in 4 colors there!

Kitty fits nicely into this blue dress which comes in 5 sizes and take a look at the nice texture close up as Kitty seat down comfortably in it.

The Blue Sunny dress was the dress Kitty was wearing when she was singing at the seaside concert at the pier. Look at how stunning she is in it! Kitty is bluer than the water?

What other better dress is there than wearing the Green Sunny dress and having a coffee  on a sunny afternoon?

Kitty cannot decide if the flowers are more colorful or is her Green Sunny dress? But she is pretty sure she is good for a game of hide and seek among the grass if you are game!

Don't think that Kitty is in a dress, she won't take a ride on the bicycle with you. Question is, are you game? Do not worry, the dress comes in comfortable sizes and Kitty won't damage it!

This Lace version of Sunny dress is so comfortable she is lying down on the cute little goat behind her and enjoying the sunny day reading her love novel while the sheep... do whatever sheep do. :)

Feel like a stretch sometimes? That is exactly what Kitty is doing now on the bench on her favorite Red Sunny dress!

Before the end of the day, let's take a little walk in the water and ride on the little boat with Kitty? Kitty is shy with the Red dress because she seems to be taking all the attention in the picture.

Come sit with the sexy Kitty on her little cage and enjoy the sunset? They said red is the color of romance and they are right! Kitty is so not going to take off this dress for a long long time.

The Sunny dresses are available at the Sneak Peak Event at Penumbra:

Petit Chat Cleo in 4 colors for Penumbra Sneak Pick

Do you remember the black CLEO dress just a little while ago? Well, it seems that Petit Chat has other colors for it too and it is available at the Penumbra Sneak Pick Event!

Green makes Kitty feels like a lively plants in the quiet grasslands, sitting along in her hanging chair looking at the sunset.

The Green dress can be very sensual and sexy too depending on how you wear it. And for Kitty, she is just playing with water at the pier. Not even trying!

The Cleo Dress comes in Grey too and the texture is really stunning. Look how well it matches up with the rusty old truck. See, Grey can be interesting sometimes too!

The Cleo dress has a nice veil fabric on the skirt and it is really beautiful especially when sitting down. Do you agree?

For those with a taste of something a little more colorful, you can always try the Cleo pink, which looks cute all the time from sunrise to sunset.

Confused and going nowhere? Not too worried. The pink Cleo dress still brighten Kitty's day anytime taking a little walk on the windy grassland. The only confusion probably comes when deciding which color you would want to buy for the Cleo dress.

The Red Cleo dress is Kitty's favorite for a good reason. It not only comes in 5 fitting sizes but is material enabled. See the texture on the skirt and you know what I mean.

The Red Cleo dress is not just good for formal times, it is good for fun time too. Do you want to join Kitty on the Merry Go Round? Kitty promise you she will not spin it too fast!

Who is the prettiest girl on a swing? Maybe it is not Kitty, but Kitty sure looks close to it in the red Cleo dress! She could even feel the wind on her dress when the swing going high into the air. Weepeeee!

The Cleo dresses are available at the Sneak Peak Event at Penumbra:


Rainy Day Blues Hunt

This is a rather short hunt which Kitty has completed. Well, at least those that were not down. In the 10 hunt location, 3 of them are not ready and one of them you need to search for the LM, but worry not, Kitty will give you the LM below.

The theme of this hunt is rather unique as it is all about rainy days items and this is something that doesn't come often. I guess if you have a little time, why not take a little walk with Kitty in the rain?

Start your hunt here:

Even though it says this is a $0L hunt, Grumble charges $1L for it and it located at:


Royally Hot Hunt

Kitty just completed this fast and simple hunt with 9 prizes and they prizes are really good looking based on the webpage.

LMs, preview and Hints:

Start dressing up like a princess today now:


Petit Chat Cleo Dress

Petit Chat had release yet another Material enabled dress call CLEO. And it is only at $150L for all five sizes from XXS to L included!

The advantage of being Material enabled is that you can almost feel the fabric jersey on the top. If you zoom in, you can even see the fine details of the lining on the dress. Well, not that a lot of people zoom in on Kitty... Or does it... Hei, who'se crosshairs are those?

The dress does comes in 5 sizes so you will definitely find one that fit you nice. With the help of an option of using top only or top+bottom alpha, it gives you more flexibility in mix and matching with other stuff from your wardrobe. Well, such as a panty for example. But whatever the case, it does feel comfortable.

The veil fabric on the skirt is beautiful and not too bright. If you see closely, you will even find the little red string knots on the side which Kitty find was cute, but hopefully doesn't tempts anyone to pull at it. :)

For a date, this would be the perfect dress. Not overdoing it and yet still looks really elegant.

Grab yours at Petit Chat main store:

Riding Red Event

Toxic Sin is organizing a Riding Red Event where there are a $1L Hunt as well as items sold under $75L from each store booth at the event area.

The $1L Hunt item is a little red fruit basket which well cost $1L. Just look out when you purchase it. If it is not $1L, it is the discounted event item which is under $75L.

Grab your stuff and start riding at:


The 2015 Unknown Hunt

Kitty just completed the 2015 Unknown Hint and it has a good 40 over stops at $0L.

However, do take note that :
#34 - Item cannot be purchased
#40 - Missing item

Grab this nice hunt before it is over!

LM :


Brii Back to Woodstock Hunt

Brii is hosting another hunt this month and it is the Back to Woodstock this time with 10 colorful outfit for grab at $1 each. There are no lack Slink accessories in shoes and mesh clothes in the 10 prizes.

Here are a preview of the prizes:

Start your hunt here:


Free Bird My Spirit Animal Collection

Free Bird is having another Free for All Giveaway and this time it is for a spirit animal which may represent your inner self....

"Your Spirit Animals are the animals you most have affinity with. They offer you guidance, protection, and insight into your personal needs, desires, and motivations. They serve as your guardian spirit and share an innate connection with you as you journey through life. You can have many spirit animals throughout life's journey, and may have different spirit animals watching over you as you adapt to differing circumstances."

And there is even a quiz to go with it at:

What is your spirit animal? Kitty is an... OWL!

Characteristics: Intuition, ability to see what other do not see, announcer of change, wisdom

Spirit Animal Profile: The owl spirit animal is emblematic of a deep connection with wisdom and intuitive knowledge. If you have the owl as totem or power animal, you’re likely to have the ability to see what’s usually hidden to most. When the spirit of the animal guides you, you can the true reality and see beyond illusion and deceit

Well while you are here... Do not forget to get the shelf for the animals. Its free too. But due to no copy, you might want to get one for each animal you want to display. And they are also only available once per 24 hours!

Remember, you can get one random animal every 4 hours:


Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.