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Love Lust Faith Obsessive + Dreams Hunt

Kitty just completed this hunt, well, at least most of it, ignoring the many stores that either doesn't work or has gift that cannot be purchased.

These are the one that didn't work for Kitty so don't lose hair over it.:
09 11 13 15 18 23 24 39 43 47 48 50

The LMs:!love-lust-hunt/c1wl9


The Wash Biannual Sale Feb 2015

The Wash is a biannual event where items from different vendors will be here to sell their selected items at $10L or less.

Kitty was definitely here, together with the pinky whale!

One of the biggest discount here is from X-clusive Animations where you get items sold at $500L previously.

Check out their full item and vendor list:

And take a TP to the event now! (It might be full at times) :

Petit Chat Lose Yourself

Petit Chat has released another outfit for their Artfashion based on their texture from:

This new outfit is named "Lose Yourself" and it is a fabric silk with material.

It is a green dress top with a black tone dress. Once again, Kitty manage to pull this off with a green dress.

The outfit is detail and comes with a bag too. I guess Kitty will be going shopping with this a lot.

There is a watch that comes with this outfit too so that Kitty can keep track of time and not miss her dates!

This item is part of the Sneak Peek for Penumbrasi at:


VIP Creations 50% Off Sales

Kitty had discovered a great sales while given a wrong LM by a hunt and not only it the original price low, it is now 50%!!! Kitty can get 2 items instead of one!

Do not believe it? Here is the prove! Come now as this may not last long, Kitty had asked the owner to extend it for 24 hours just for you!

Check out some of the amazing designs on Marketplace:

Come grab your items and free gifts! And even slink shoes are down to a min of $99L at 30% discount, whichever is higher.

Visit the store at:


X-Clusives Animations Valentines Hunt

X-clusives Animations is a famous store in SL that deals with lots of animations, especially those of adult nature. They do have some really good deals sometimes from their sales, but otherwise, their stuff are really costly, to be honest. Well, I did not say they are not good though.

This Valentine, they are giving away a Romance and Sex Hud with lots of animations that suppose XPose/Midnight Lotus etc.
Grab it by finding the right heart pillow at:


He She It Hunt

This is a simple, yet not so simple hunt.

You need to find the heart shapes in this picture to get the pajamas as shown in the photo. There are 3 colors, for unisex, female and male.

Nothing like a sunny morning, enjoying the nice toast while listening to chirping birds... in this pajamas is nothing but relaxing.

Kitty is still waiting for her breakfast... Oh there is someone else waiting too... Kitty wonders if she can cut the queue, just because she is in this cute pajamas.

Well, its off to bed again (after the breakfast??).. But Kitty is already thinking about the next meal... 

Now, If only there are some nice food.... Wait, who took a picture? Pervert!!!

Its either the bed or the pajamas, but most likely the pajamas. Kitty just want to go sleep again... zzZZZZ

Start the hunt at:


Bare Rose Looking for White Hunt

Bare Rose just started their new hunt "Looking for White" and as usual it has a fantastic storyline and a complete exclusive outfit for this hunt. It is the Moon Robe Kitty is wearing now.

Kitty has come face to face with moon rabbit aliens that come to Earth on a carrot spaceship!

Kitty not only has gotten a Moon Robe from the hunt, she also made a new alien friend! Do you see her?

Start helping the friendly Rabbit Alien:

Cherry On Top 4 Hunt

Kitty had discovered a secret hunt at Purplemoon and it is a wonderful FREE hunt with 14 fantastic prizes.

Because today is Valentine Day, Kitty would be busy with other things and she will blog about the prizes in a later post... Maybe.

Start this hunt at:

Cupcake Anonymous Hunt

Cupcake Anonymous Hunt has about 48 stops and each at $5 each so Kitty has decided that she would do the selective ones only. Here are some of them which she covered. 

Well Kitty has tried to list everything she could rememeber anyway and she tried her favorite out for you here. It is the Charlie outfit mesh from Tits Up.

Seems like the best outfit to be in on a lazy afternoon...

Kitty also added the big ribbon from Nerdology and the Mishy Mashy Walker from Candy Crunchers.

For LMs and Prizes pictures:

Pandora's Box Brazilian Princess

Once again, Kitty has a chance to try out Pandora's Box outfit and Kitty is showing the Brazilian Princess in 3 colors : White, Pink and Black!

The Black Princess Princess is sexy and yet not so much that you will catch a cold near the seaside.

The full outfit is a very elaborated outfit fit enough for a princess as named and it look gorgeous on Kitty. Is she going to go to the ball with this? Although the shoe here is not part of the outfit, see how well it goes with a pair of red shoes to give some variation. 

The stripped down version of Black can only be described as sexy. It looks like a extended set of corset with sexy black stockings and matching panty.

The White Brazilian Princess is elegant and pretty combined together.

Kitty is in fact going to go have some fun with the outfit near the waterfall on this sunny day. Under the bright sunny day, you can see how detail the texture of the outfit.

Although not really recommended, but Kitty is going to try some fish catching on her white and it does looks like she is going to get wet... and sexy!

The last set is the Pink Brazilian Princess and it is the brightest of the 3 sets.

The stunning color is great no matter if you are standing or just lying down.

Well, nobody said you cannot have some fun with a princess outfit. See how happy Kitty is with the striped down version of the Pink Princess! 

Buy the Black:

But the White:

Or get the Pink:

Or All 3"

Pandora Box Marabou Lingerie

Pandora Box, or PBox for short, has given me a Lingerie name Marabou to test out and it has a Slink applier for the sticking in fact.

In the full outfit, it look very pretty and almost does even feel like a lingerie, but a full outfit that is ready to even go into the sun.

In fact, it is even good enough to be called a wedding gown in a certain sense. Does Kitty looks like she is a beautiful bride?

A lighter version can be used by taking off some of the heavy accessories and you still get a rahter decent and stunning outfit more for a evening walk in your own garden.

Take away more and you certainly will get the sexy lingerie you are suppose to expect an the lacey feeling simply feel so smooth and sexy.

The bare essential set is simply too hot to handle at times. This is one really good buy especially for Valentine Day!

To purchase this lingerie, you can get it via the marketplace at:


Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.