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Cute Girl Christmas Hunt

This is a hunt with 10 items at $1L and it contains some decorations for Christmas. However Kitty was hoping there would be a outfit as cute as the one in the poster... But instead there are 3 pieces which add up to form kinda of a complete outfit.

The outfit consist of a piece of Top Corset, a Pleated Skirt and Red leggings. And yes that cute Santa Hat too...

Kitty prefers black to be honest and she will continue to hunt for a black Christmas outfit.

The hunt is here:


Kitty is Harley Quinn

Kitty got hold of the Harley Quinn outfit from Fatal Love, given to her by her ex-friend (seems like the best way to describe for now). Kitty would had wanted to reject it, but was not in the position to (on mobile viewer) and so ended up with it. Nevertheless, Kitty tried it on because it reminds her of a long lost friend Jenny Ann. (

So, given such a tone, Kitty would try to be serious for once... while robbing this diner. But before that some background of Kitty and Jenny. Kitty and Jenny roleplayed in the City of Gotham where Batman is gone and Kitty was Helena (daughter of batman and later The Huntress) where Jenny played Harley Quinn, kinda like Joker's girlfriend in a very twisted way.

While taking her breakfast... It remind Kitty, this was a similar breakfast when she got the new which she did not believed at first. They were like the best pals, unlikely however being on the different sides, but eventually friends who swap music interest and computer games. Kitty did not finish her breakfast. AGAIN.

Kitty doesn't care anymore. She just want to take up more than 1 park space and see if you or the cops can do anything about it. Kitty smile softly to her. It feels good to be Harley. She feel close to Jenny this one more time. Farewell Jenny. And even after so many years, I still miss you.

It is fortunately Kitty always has very good friend like Melaundra here beside her when she feels down. Now they are preparing for a nice BBQ.

Nothing like a BBQ with Reiko and friends in a upcoming new sim. Kitty might write about it someday when it is ready.


Happy Thankgiving!

Kitty dressed up as a Turkey Girl and wants to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving Day! The photo is taken by her dearest friend Hana. Thank you for the great photo! By the way, you still have the chance to grab a similar outfit from Bare Rose now!


Betrayal at the Sea

Kitty sat at the outer edge of the pier, her legs hanging over the ledge, bared footed, her toes sometimes dipped into the cold sea water as it rushes by wave by wave. Droplets of warm clear pearls drop onto her lap, the only warmth that can be felt against the cold wind howling at her. Her vision were blurred, very much by the tears in her eyes... unable to see much of the sea which is turning from white, to gray and darkening as the storm approaches. Kitty doesn't care if the storm would come, in her mind, there is a greater storm, one that nothing can calm, and time would not let it pass. "Why" was the big question she keep screaming loud in her mind, ringing and echoing louder and louder over time. "Why?" She cannot help herself crying as the waves rises, washing towards the helpful pier.

The betrayal was nothing she expected. All this was for nothing. From the start, she was never meant to success and it was not just false hope, but false trust. She pulled off her breastplate in anger, tearing at her wounded chest, blood spilling out, painting her inner gown red as the metal falls into the sea water, yet nothing trigger her slightest care. Indeed, she does not care anymore. Before this, it was all about the mission and the unquestionable trust she had, but now it was the very person she trust that had wounded her the most when the spear went right through her shoulders. Yet no matter how much the wound hurts, it would be nothing compare to the cracking of her heart. 

All of it were just illusion. It was all a trap, one she had place all her heart and soul in. The feeling were all just an act, to get her to help him, to trust him. Yet, to him, she was not even worth a pawn on the great chess board. His laughter still rings in her ears when she asked him how could he had done that to her... It was her childishness that was really the joke. She did not even suspected anything at all. All his sweet lies and promises of a better future still echo in her ears. And what of those nobles reasons that now turns int excuses for making her did all she did... Kitty never doubt it for a second. But it was just a dark joke played on her feeling.

But it all doesn't matters now as the rain water hit hard against her face... her tears now mixed into the cold rain, unable to distinguish between each other now. Kitty looked into the stormy waters but it was nothing compared to the torrents of sadness that is consuming her from the inside out. "I was just so silly..." She hated herself for trusting him and putting everything into his hands. But she know that all is lost now. There is nothing she could do for whatever that had been done and what wrongs could not be right. Kitty closed her eyes hoping to find some peace in the darkness, but peace was not there, just an eternal void of sorrow that stretches forever into the unknown. Kitty could feel her eyes bleeding because the red started to tint the darkness, but she did not care anymore. 

Kitty just wants to let it all go...maybe into the ever so deep water that lies below her. Her pain would end, would it not? she asked. She could no longer hold the sadness inside her as she scream out finally, in anger of herself and hatred of the man who had deceived her. But her screams were so soft compare to the brewing storm and it was swallowed by the angry waves and thundering rain that starts to surround the pier. All she could do now is to let go... and it will all end here. At least she could love no more.

As Kitty let go of her body, leaving it to fall freely into the waters below, she felt a strong arm grab her shoulders, pulling her back. With curiosity, she turned back to look, expecting it to be just another stranger, but a familiar silhouette appears right before her eyes. Her long hair and familar costume... this she will never forget. "Kismeta.." Her long lost friend, servant and companion pulls her up onto the pier and looked at her once mistress with her white purpled eyes, coldly, but yet never would be as close to the man who betrayed Kitty. " My good sister... the world still needs you..." Kismeta held her close as the storms consumed the whole pier with all its fury...

Things Fall Apart ~ Built to Spill

"Things Fall Apart" ~ Built to Spill

Came into the darkness from out of the blue
I don't know much but I know what to do
Froze in my mind, I believed it so long
Alright, I'll admit I was wrong

Stay out of my nightmares, stay out of my dreams
You're not even welcome in my memories
When things are alright and I want what I've got
It's only momentarily thought

Fade out, fade out
Fade out, fade out
Fade out, fade out
Fade out, fade out

If no one thinks of no one
Then no one believes in no one
And no one fucks with no one
When no one's afraid of no one

We've all seen enough, now it's time to decide
The meekness of love or the power of pride
It doesn't matter if you're good or smart
Goddamn it, things fall apart

Let's go for a walk, yeah, let's go for a drive
Don't know how to say thanks for being alive
Let's go for a lifetime, let's go for a fling
Don't know how to say anything


Free Dove Hunt Stars

This is yet another hunt with 10 items on Free Dove and it is just as easy. Just find the 10 boxes and you are done. And its all free. All the items are from Star Fashion.

Grab them at:

Free Dove Hunt Romantic Reflections

10 pandas sitting on the wall, 1 panda was grab by Kitty, 9 pandas sitting on the wall... Haha This is another fun hunt happening right at the same place on Free Dove with another 2. There are 10 panda to get grab and its all from Dawn Harbour Designer. Do them before the panda ... ok, not likely they could get far... :P

Hunt now:

Free Dove Hunt Image Reflection

Kitty just completed a hunt at Free Dove and there are only 10 items from Image Reflection here. And they are easily found. Kitty strongly suggest you take them right now. No groups, no fees, just hunt!

Start now:

Xiasumi School Festival

A school festival is not something that happens all the time and for the first time its based on a Japanese theme. Kitty would not miss this.

Right after Kitty arrived, guess what she see? A track! It must had been ages since Kitty had ran on the tracks... In an orderly manner anyway...

Missed the piano. Kitty had performed the Moonlight Sonata once during her days in high school and she is so missing it now...

Look at the school, itsn't it so similar to yours? Kitty is even wearing her Magic School Uniform to visit this event! 

Hei, why are you upside down... oh wait, the whole world is upside down... hehehe Kitty is playing at the playground playfully and giggling all the way...

All the classrooms are converted into shops for selling limited edition at special prices at the fair. Kitty needs her extra pocket money now... 

That is not all, there is a shrine nearby and there are more shops... Wow, its a ladies heaven to shop until you drop today!

Sit down and enjoy the zen feeling inside when you are tired and you will be good as new soon and ready to shop all over again!

How can the school be complete without the familiar show racks? Kitty wonders if her secret admirer left her a love letter in hers...

There are lots lots more to explorer and Kitty is signing off and going to skip on the chalks marks right beside her... Do you know how to play this?

Visit the School Festival at:


The Search for the Lost Arcane

She had looked everywhere... But it is no in sight. At the least not in plain sight. The lost arcane has to be somewhere here... according to those mad monks at least. Kitty search the water front and even the soft sandy beds on the beach... submerging into the warm water. As the warm wave rushes across dragging her body, she feel this may very well had been a wild goose chase in the end. If anything was lost, it was Kitty's hope of recovering the key to the summoning. So many magic is required she could not figured out an easier way.

The clock tower had sounded strange, Kitty knew something has to be wrong and so a trip to the abandoned church is at hand. The majestic bell on the top of the church is nothing less than beautiful, but extremely old and heavy. Kitty is surprised it even rings at all. She examine the bell, from side to side, looking for any abnormalities that may be present and could find none, on the outside at least. Kitty shivered at the thought that she will have to look inside, because it is not only eerie and dark, and the risk of getting trap in it shall it fall is just unimaginable. But with the lack of a choice, she reach under the bell, crawl herself into it and search touch it with her hands, feeling the old brass inch by inch across.

Her hand feel something, but it quickly moved making her scream out in fright... "What the!" Before she could exclaim further, something moved quickly across the inner rim of the old bell, hitting onto the other side. Kitty pulls out her wand... having deep thought about lighting it. On on hand the fear of what is to be revealed and on the other, the fear of the unknown. Kitty closes her eye and cast the Glowing Light spell and before she was ready, she screamed at the top of her voices. "BATS!!!!"

Out came Kitty, falling to the floor hard, totally caught off guard by the layers and layers of bats inside the bell she just found. She swing and swipe her hands all over, worried one of them had caught on to her clothes. She wasn't afraid of snakes or spiders... but bats is something else. Almost like her Achilles heel or like snake is to Indiana Jones. Kitty pick herself up and realized she had totally ruined her student uniform. It may not be much, but until she could find her way out, this is the only clothes she have, She picked herself up, pull off the broke sleeves from the floor and look up at  the bell again. Are the bats the only reason the bell sounded wrong? Or is there something else... kitty step aside, from directly under the bell, the fear of the bell falling onto her is not about death, but darkness once again.

Unable cast another Levitation spell in such a short period, Kitty climb up the tower the usual way normal people would had done so and this time she stop right in front of it again. She whispers softly, with faith and drawing out the holiness from the Arcane Detection spell she had just learned but a week ago from another clerical student. This better work, I had given her my lunch for it. Kitty cursed, then realized it was disrupting her chanting, stopped quickly and got back into the state of tranquility. The spell reveals magical properties inside the bell. I should had done this early. Kitty sighed to herself before pulling out her cute headphones. This had to do. It says noise canceling on the side of the headphone, but Kitty had always been worried how she would be ripped off by buying from online sites. She hold her breath, pulls out her death scythe, her signature weapon of choice and hit the bell as she feel the vibration send her flying backwards away from the tower towards the tower. "Oh shit...." is all she could hear from her very own lips as she is send backwards against her will.

Kitty lands, barely standing this time, but at least not fall clumsily like before. Over her head, she saw the swarm of bats rushes out of the bell as it was rang. Kitty pulls out her headphone and realized at least it worked, hearing the bell goes "Dong Dong" in a much old fashion, but yet rather eerie tone as it breaks the peace of the silent in the old town. Someone might come for her if she stays too long. Kitty quickly pick herself up and leap up, swing the scythe under her legs, sitting on it like a witch on a broom, flew toward the bell, goes under it. This time, she would find what she was looking for. She smile as the Glowing Light spell brighten the interior of the bell. The bell, now cleared of bats, reveals its secret to the curious Neko in the warm shimmering lights...

A small little bat clings on to the side of the bell is what Kitty sees and she immediately forgotten what she was looking for in the first place. "Ooohh you poor little thing..." Kitty grab the little fellow, totally forgotten her fear for bats and she hold it in her arms. The little creature must had been wounded or it would had fled with its family when the majesty bell rang. Kitty holds if close to her chest and saw what lies beneath the little spot the creature had covered. There was the Elder Sign. Kitty quickly puts the bat right between her chest as she lift both her hands, preparing the enchantment to extract the Cursed and Sacred sign from the old brass. "What is and Elder Sign doing inside the bell?" Kitty thought briefly, before the sign start lifting and forging into her soul.

Outside the church, Kitty hides from the angry mob of  villages in pitchforks and torches and she places the little bat onto a hole in the ceiling in the nearby building. That was close. A bit too close as Kitty leap across from building to building, further away from the church. It is not that she was worried about getting caught. She was just worried what these barbaric villages might do to a non human in these area. The Elder Sign fills her with a warm tinkering in her chest. At the same time, it revealed to her the message locked in the enchantment of the sign. Something is at the Asylum. And it is something evil. Kitty smile because evil is exactly what she is looking for. This may be it. she race across the forest in her scythe, laughing softly to herself as she had never been so close to this Arcane yet on this land and it was almost the taste of victory in her mouth that had blinded her from the feeling that someone or something else was close by. And watching.

Kitty lands right in front of the huge metal gates to the Asylum because there was something that obviously prevented her from going any further into the area on air.  She swings her scythe onto her back and it folds nicely back onto her straps as she push open the gate slow with her soft gentle hand. The old rusty gate makes a loud screeching sound as it unfolds itself to the brave visitor, almost unwillingly as if it was guarding something really evil from the rest of the world. Kitty steps through the door, and notice how dusty the small pavement of steps are, covered in fallen leaves. It must had been ages since anyone had set foot her, Kitty smile. Then there is a good chance my Arcane is still intact. She quickly rush towards the main door and instead of pushing it gently open, sends a flying kick on it as the door swings open wide as Kitty dash right into it. From a distance, a pair of eyes watched. And as if it is a trick of the mind, if someone could see these eyes, it was thought to have smiled as Kitty entered the Asylum. "It has begun..." A soft whisper in the air, carried by the cold breezes haunts the cursed compound as Kitty disappears into the building.

Bare Rose Simple Treasure Hunt

There is yet another mini hunt at Bare Rose and this time its a Simple Treasure Hunt. And it is really simple. 3 parts of the items, one in each sim, Bare Rose, White Wolf and Black Cat. As usual, all version from petite to titan are available and they even included the lola appliers!

At least for a while. Kitty is going to be a nice turkey. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Start your hunt here:

Kitty had just completed yet another hunt just in time before it was closed and you still have some hours too before its all over.

This hunt is from Free Bird again and its a Thanksgiving hunt where there are 7 in store items for you to grab! And they are randomized daily!

Here are the hints :

1. Gather round your Thanksgiving table like Hummingbirds around a feeder.

2. Pumpkin pie is so delicious, you’ll want to frame it and hang it on your wall.

3. Enjoy some fine wine on Thanksgiving!

4. Even the Pilgrims had kitties.

5. Be thankful for earmuffs when it’s chilly outside!

6. I bet Vikings were thankful for their shields…

7. Finches are grateful for their special Fall Cage.

Grab it before its all over:


Candy Land Hunt

Kitty just completed yet another treasure hunt from the same server as Alice in Darkland recently in a previous entry:

This time however the theme is Candy Land and it is a $1 hunt with a much more cheerful overtone.

Again, we have the same castle, but now much much more cheerful. Still pretty dangerous if you fall on the spikes though...

Go grab some candies:


Down the Rabbit Hole Hunt Completed Collection

Kitty was on a hunt some time ago and it was a gatcha hunt where the prizes are gatcha items at random. With some help and repeated visits, Kitty was finally able to complete her collection here.

The flamingo mallet set in 5 colors and stand...

The 5 pictures with very nice quotes.

The exclusive Alice in Wonderland spoon set is finally completed with the collection case too!

Many thanks to Tavia, Aerlinniel, Thea and bFlat for helping me complete my collection.


Bare Rose Sweetful Dead

Bare Rose has yet another mini hunt which ends soon on the 16th Nov. Just 4 stops and a bonus stage. The prize is this nice Zombiesuit with a cool sheriff hat (if you complete the bonus stage). Kitty looks just like sheriff.

Kitty is on a case and she has no idea where to start. Maybe you can help her?

Where could the big red diamond be gone to? Someone must had taken it...

Solve the mystery at Bare Rose Main Store:

Petit Chat (R)Evolution Jacket and Gamine Beret

Petit Chat just released a set of new jacket and Kitty had some fun trying them out. There are 4 different colors in black, red, pink and brown. They are also material enabled.
At the same time, Petit Chat had released a set of beret too! These are meant for the gatcha at $30L each and again there are 4 colors and each with different options be it square, waves, square and hearts and wave and hearts. On Revolution! Kitty feels like G.I.Jane now.

They said there is no better time to let your hair down during the windy time of autumn and Kitty so totally agree, after she take a short walk around the harbour with her favorite bag and the new jacket and beret from Petit Chat.

While this outfit is not entirely the best you can have while doing some farming, nothing is stopping Kitty from shopping for some food for dinner. In fact, the kind old farmer even gave Kitty a good discount because of the cute beret she was wearing.

These items are for the SL Vogue Event starting on 10th Nov 2014.

Visit the event and grab yours:

Gamers Dream! Hunt

Kitty completed this simple hunt. Its straight forward and all the information are below.

Hints and LMs:

Start gaming at:


Down the Rabbit Hole Hunt

This hunt that Kitty had done is both simple and unusual. As you would expect of Alice in Wonderland theme hunt.What is so special about this hunt is that it is not only a hunt, but a Gacha as well.

The entrance is grand and the path is actually made from books. How cool can that be.

These are the prizes. Oh, did I mention that there are only 3 hunt items? Yes, in fact you will be like playing a Gacha and you can come back again and again every 12 hours to try your luck at collecting these prizes.

Kitty is enjoying herself at the tea party... But where is the pocket watch?

The Rose Garden is the second place to look for yet another pocket watch. It just got to be here somewhere...

Oh... Magic Mushroom... Wait, aren't we suppose to be looking for the watch?

See more from the blog:

Jump down the rabbit hole here:


Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.