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Fi’s Creations Halloween Store Hunt

This is a fun and easy hunt which only takes a few minutes. Basically you have to find the 15 pumpkins for your gift. There are divided into 3 colors: orange for female, yellow for unisex and green for male. You know Kitty had skipped the green ones.

It's a pity though that there is only 1 gift after finding all 15 pumpkins. But at least its fun and free. I would keep the unisex gift a surprise as intended.

Have some fun at the pumpkins:

BSD Design Studio 2nd Anniversary Thankful Hunt

Wow. this is one poster that does all the saying and Kitty can just step aside while you read it. :)
Well, of course not. This is no doubt a great hunt especially if you are crazy about shoes like Kitty. There are 6 pairs of shoes and at least 2 handbags in this hunt.

But hold your horses, because this is a rather expensive hunt though. It would cost you a total of 11x$28L (not $18L as stated on poster though.. Was Kitty ripped off?), But think about this. $28L for a pair of nice mesh shoes. Where can you get that?

What's more? There is a 50% off sales at the BSD Design Studio store too to celebrate this 2nd anniversary!
It's time to empty those cupboard and shoe rack to make space!

Grab them all at:

Link to blog:


Petit Chat's Pepper ?

Feel like taking a long trip to a place far far away? Well, this is the perfect outfit to go on a journey! Petit Chat's Pepper ? is a nice outfit with 6 sizes including fitted and it comes with a jacket, a skirt, the boots and even with the handbag. This is also a item at the new Penumbra Sneak Peek ! Event!

Kitty is not parading in front of the ticketing machines. She is just not too sure where she wants to go...

OK, ready or not, here comes the train... As you can see the outfit is nice and comfortable and it comes with everything you need for a journey. It is cute but yet not too cute and just enough sexiness. 

And this place is rather windy, but fear not because the jacket is going to keep Kitty warm enough. Kitty better start moving on before the weather changes again.

Since Kitty was in such a nice outfit today, the conductor allowed Kitty to take a close look at the engine of the train today. It was indeed her lucky day. And you can see the nice texture detail of this outfit too from the back. This is also based on Trinity's artwork "Fragments" displayed at the gallery.

And can you guess where was Kitty? She was at the Penumbra Event! Guess it was really  a nice surprise to find herself wearing the EXACT outfit the model was wearing at the event. 

Visit Trinity's Artwork Gallary:

Penumbra's Sneak Peek! Event:


Trick or Treat Trail

This is a moderate hunt with only 9 stops, but pretty difficult to find items. I would strongly recommend to anyone who like a challenge.

Here is one helpful hint from Kitty : There are 2 items at the last stop!


Start your hunt here:


Botanica’s Haunted Corn Maze

Once every year, Botanica will hold the Halloween maze hunt. This is the 4th year and Kitty had not missed any. As you can see, all the Halloween prizes are still available, but you can only choose one though, so Kitty naturally chooses this year's prize.

As you can see, it is a really friendly neighborhood... With friendly witches... "Btw, what are you cooking?"

If you had played with the maze, you will remember that you had to "die" at every point in order to get the prize. So in a way, its best fitted for Kitty who has 9 lives...

Well, killed by giant stuffed dolls, Bet nobody seen that coming...

Burned as a witch?? No, I am Jeanne d'Arc!!!

Well, since I am tangled in this web, I might as well wait for the poor spider who is going to be my dinner...

I wonder who much longer before someone would come... And then I would just touch her and she will be the next scarecrow...

There is also something else fun too, like riding eagle too... And do not forget to get your gift! See the gift in the first photo above!

Start your haunting at:


Flying Witch Hunt

This is a small and quick hunt. With only 8 items on the sim, it will take like... ooops. Completed. :)

I told you Kitty is really good in piano. Believe me.

The orange top, jeans, belts and stuff are all prizes. Except the boots. That is not and it is from Severed Garden.

What are you saying you big white bird. I hope you are not angry... but from your look maybe you are. Just don't blow up in front of me or something... :(

Start the hunt at:

Petit Chat's Temptation

Petit Chat has once again given Kitty a first hand preview of something new. This time it is call Temptation and it's for Fashion Collective event.

This is salmon. No No, I know Kitty love fish, but I am referring to the dress. The Salmon Temptation is just like... Salmon to Kitty... :)

As you can see, even the wave cheers and agree how tempting the dress can be. Although it is not even in bright colors, it stands out never the less.

Have you been to Burgundy? If you are lucky, you might see Kitty in her Burgundy Temptation drinking coffee in the sunny winter afternoon just be the sea side. (Really? Won't it be chilling?)

You may not know, but Kitty is an excellent pianist and it is never easy to find a nice dress to go with the performance. Well, Burgundy is one of them. Simple. Outstanding color. Elegant.

Ivory got nothing to do with animal cruelty of dentistry for that matters. It is a white Temptation dress that have cute little leaf pattern all over it. Well, it least the pattern stands out very much on the Ivory dress.

Kitty feel like skating on the frozen river wearing the Ivory Temptation. Would you love to join her?

Grab it at the Fashion Collective:


AngelDust Closing Down Sales

AngelDust is closing down and Kitty had to just visit it one last time... But to her surprise, there was actually a sales going on, with single item from $50L and Fatpack from $150L...

But what really catches Kitty's eyes... punch intented... are these nice colorful eyes... from $50L for the whole pack... Except Fairy Tales which is at $99L...

Well, now at least you know where did Kitty get those gorgeous eyes from...

There are lots of skins too... But its just not very Kitty-ish looking, so Kitty would pass, but who knows, maybe its for you!

Grab them while you still can at AngelDust:


MOSP 2nd Anniversary Hunt

This hunt is going to end pretty soon... In fact in a couple of hours... But its not just the hunt, the sim is simply beautiful, so even if you are too late for the hunt, Kitty would still suggest you visit the sim.

There is always this certain fascination about Lighthouse with Kitty...

Clear stream and nice weather...

Even the city looks good right?

Witches, Camel and Sunshine... not very often together... Well, maybe just the witches part...

Nice Forest and I don't need to stress, beautiful light... That is why you need those expensive hardware...

Visit MOSP at:

Find out more about the hunt on their official blog:


Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.