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Petitchat's Sweet Mnemosyne

This is yet another outfit for the Penumbra event from Petit Chat. Kitty feel a sweat by her hair when she saw this. It is GREEN and she is not usually good with green. But she would try her best anyway.

Sweet Mnemosyne is based on a texture taken by none other than Trinity herself at the Feast sim. In fact, it is also part of her exhibition just like many of the other outfit here. So off to the garden Kitty does with this and hopefully she would blend right in.

The fun thing about this is that it does come with a cage. Kitty almost thought she heard someone said something about a putti cat...

The green is simply fantastic, even against a patch of green grass it would stand out and in fact it looks much better than Kitty anticipated.

The back of the outfit also feature a beautiful piece of artworks that is sure to entice anyone with even the slightest feel for art.

And it seems to turn out just fine for Kitty. So I guess she could take a good breath from this cute green outfit.note

This is an exclusive outfit which is only available at the Penumbra Fashion Week 14.

More information on Penumbra Fashion Week 14

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