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Petit Chat's What Do I Have In Mind

A Long Long Time Ago, In a Galaxy Far Far Away... Wait, That was not what Kitty had in mind... LOL It was just a long time ago in a man where little man set foot... Kitty runs a quiet little tarven and she has a really beautiful dress...

With a nice big ribbon right in front made by Petit Chat. And she looks really great in her dress, serving and eating too.

Occasionally, people would spot Kitty in her fabulous dress up the hills and people would always wonder what run in the mind of this cute girl who lives alone in the Tarven. 

Kitty would often ask them "What do I have in mind?" But nobody would ever figure out and would actually bother to, but stare at the beauty of the little girl and her almost magical dress. 

Well, and the girl live happily ever after. :) The dress was in extremely high detail and the materials really gives you the great feel of the actual fabric of the dress. Lined by a dash of green, it almost even got confused with the soft grass patches that Kitty often sat on near the waterfall.

This is the fifth outfit for the Penumbra Fashion Week coming soon. Make sure you get it or it could be gone forever.

More information on Penumbra Fashion Week 14

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