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Petit Chat's Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost

Feel like taking a ride on the wild side? Kitty is going to go all the way with you on this one!

"Hasta la vista Baby" 

Although standing on Bikes is not strictly prohibited, especially when it is stationary, this must be a new trend started by Kitty. And this outfit named " Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost" seems just the right name for Kitty now. Well not really, she is standing on her bike to find her way... Technically speaking not lost. YET. :(

Nothing like a good old station where directions is free (usually if you top up your gas...) But luckily the owner gave Kitty a great discount when she is in this super sexy and leathery outfit.

And off she goes again on the road. Hey there. Watch the road, not Kitty as her bike zoom pass your vehicle....

This outfit is not just badass. It is actually pretty. If you zoom far enough, you will see a nice gothic picture of a lady in blinds right beside a huge cage on the back of the jacket.

Doesn't hurt to make another artistic shot, does it? This one clearly show you how bikers boot fit nicely with a ... BIKE, course. The only minus point, if any, would probably be the number of straps you need to put on and take off on these boots when you are in a hurry...

Again, this is an item for the Penumbra Fashion Week. Stay tune for its opening on the 13th!
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