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Petit Chat's Love at First Sight Outfit

Love at First Sight is a complete outfit from Petit Chat that looks really fitting for steampunk environment. But of course that is just what I think. Original this is what this outfit is a complete outfit  textured with Petit Chat owner - Trinity's digital artwork: Love at the first sight.  The original digital artwork is part of her current exhibition at the Petit Chat gallery:

So, what do you think of Kitty? If this love at first sight?

A close up will remind you that this outfit can be sexy and fun too unlike what you would expect from a steampunk looks type of outfit.

Although Green is definitely not Kitty's favorite color, but she believe she still could bring out the nice part of this outfit. 

Btw, this outfit comes in four parts and various sizes, so even a challenging shape like Kitty has no issue fitting into one of them. Don't you wish everyone at the lift would wear something like this waiting to get your lift for you?

This is the first of the 8 outfits which Petit Chat had put up for the Penumbra Fashion Week 14 and the outfit is ONLY available at this event! So make up your mind and grab it when it opens on the 13th - 22nd Sep 2014!

More information on Penumbra Fashion Week 14

Go to Penumbra Fashion Week:

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