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Petit Chat's Dream of Summer

Dream of Summer is a nice piece of colorful dress that comes in various color and Kitty is lucky today to show you 3 of them.

As always, Green is always challenging for Kitty, but I guess the Viking ship works well enough for distraction. But honestly, the spreading of colors is nice on anyone.

A close look will reveal that this dress looks extremely silky and smooth. It also can be very sexy if you want it to be.

One of the best time to let go is the best time to wear this. Kitty is enjoying her dance beside the waterfall in this nice dress.

The dress comes in Pink too. But this might not be a great idea beside some bulls right? Wrong! It's a myth that bulls hates reddish objects!

Despite how colorful the vegetables are, the most colorful of them all is Kitty in Pink Dream of Summer.

The last piece Kitty has is Pastel, which seems to blend right into this Viking village.

In fact, Kitty is disguised as a store seller here... The dress works well, making Kitty look pretty, but not too bright and outstanding. She is after that fish afterall...

Curiosity starts at Petit Chat:

P.S. This dress was featured at The Fashion Collective event:

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