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Petit Chat's Accept Loss Forever

Finally, a darker and gothic outfit for Kitty. Kitty totally love this black outfit which feature artwork from Petit Chat ArtFashion once again. Do visit it if you are in the mood for some nice texture for your decoration!

And there is no where better to introduce this outfit right at the sim that honor H.P.Lovecraft. This outfit is named "Accept Loss Forever" and it comes in a nice black shade with a umbrella.

This looks really good on Kitty or what? Even in the dark sunset, it looks perfect. But it is a pity Kitty did not manage to show you the nice detail of the sleeves and dress here. 

Perhaps this gives you a better idea how nice it looks? And with a nice high heel boots which is definitely waterproof. :) Oh yes, that shirt in the background does not belong to Kitty and Kitty wants nothing to do with it. Meow.

It is a nice outfit to be in even while waiting quietly on the couch. Kitty could actually fall asleep on this nice comfortable couch.. zZz ZZZZ

The whole idea of this outfit is the darkness. This is especially the case with a bright light such as this powerful lamp on the lighthouse. Kitty looks so cool right? Fans of Emo would definitely appreciate this.

And take a look at the sexy back of this beautiful lady. Oh wait, that is Kitty in the outfit. Well, if you are a fan of gothic outfit, this is the one. Make sure you check out the Penumbra Fashion Week because this is where it would be sold!

Visit Petit Chat ArtFashion

More information on Penumbra Fashion Week 14

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