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Petit Chat Silent Secret

At the seaside on the long jetty almost hundreds of meters out to the ocean, Kitty can be seen walking slowing enjoying this quiet and calm Sunday afternoon, wearing none other than the new out design by her friend at Petit Chat. 

Silent Secret comes with a cute pink-purple umbrella that is shaped like a cute seashell and it re-sizable. But Kitty like the small size anyway. And looks like storm could be coming anytime. This would come in handy. 

The Silent Secret dress is high detail materials enabled dress that is definitely going to look good even on a casual day like this. Sometimes acting cute is just not enough. You really need to outfit to go with it. Meow.

It's a seashell, no its a jelly fish... Wait a minute. It is NOT. It is just Kitty at the seaside under the Silent Secret Umbrella. This is one of those "artistic" shot that you actually could not see Kitty, but only her 9 tails and shadow on the sand.

As you can see up close, Kitty looks great even over coffee at the beach. However, this outfit is only available at the Penumbra Event which will be open from 13th - 22nd Sep. Well, who knows you might bum into Kitty in Silent Secret at the fair!

Go to Penumbra Fashion Week:

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